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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Spring 2011 Runway Look

SJP wearing a shirt under a dress
Model in Paris modeling a maxi-skirt

I’m really excited about this blog, not only because I’m writing about one of my favorite, but because I am writing it as a frum woman. We know our true beauty and essence emanate from the inside allowing us to elevate the exterior beauty around us in the world to a higher level and purpose. Truly special things are rare and sometimes hidden....this is what I believe is the meaning of ‘tznius’ (modesty). Really, it’s a special gift for us.. proof of how precious a woman is. But unfortunately for some it can carry negative connotations, and I would love to change that! After all, we feel better and accomplish more when we look great!

Lucky for us, modest fashion is everywhere. The spring 2011 runway shows had quite a few head to toe   tznius outfits and every now and then even a celebrity is spotted in modest attire. Check out Kate Middleton and Prince William’s official engagement picture! It’s a time for a more ladylike look; a style where a woman’s true essence is readily noticeable. The trend for long, full skirts allows for a great selection of maxi-skirts more available than they’ve been in years. Some are truly luxe, like the hugo boss draped skirt. And why not add a pop of color with a bright pencil skirt or try a textured or embellished one for a change. Feminine blouses and interesting jackets are also easy to find and look absolutely fabulous.

But that’s not all! With the explosion of options in shells and blouses, almost anything can be layered and made to be tznius. Even celebrities and clothing companies are showing dresses with shirts worn underneath. Maybe we can finally get away, just for a little while, from an all black wardrobe, from being a clone of your neighbor and just sparkling in your own individual essence as a beautiful and frum woman.

Til next time...

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  1. SHARON! THIS IS AMAZING! wow, i'm really really really happy to see this! not that i'm into fashion or anything.. but you're so special spreading this to the world. you should be gebentched!!!!!!

  2. Dearest Sharon,
    You really put a smile on my face. I have always been into this idea of being Tznius, does not mean a woman can't look beautiful! Like you portrayed it so beautifully that Tznius is something from within and "how we can elevate the exterior beauty in the world around us to a higher leel and purpose!" Hashem obviously gave you this wonderful gift of creativety and you are surely using it the right way. This blog will help people see the beauty in color, fashion, design in a whole new light! I can't wait to see more comments that others will right! Thank You for this fantastic idea!!!!!!!
    Esther Schwarz

  3. Sharon,

    What you are doing is truly wonderful! You should have the strength to keep doing the amazing things you do for many years to come. This blog is a breath of fresh air.

    Leeba Sonenzon

  4. Thank you all so much for your inspiring comments. :)