Divine And Refined Look 04- the LBD

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm going away for Shabbos and I have wardrobe on my mind...before I pack I end up trying on everything in my closet to see how I can possibly create a new look from the same basic pieces I already have. As hard as I try to veer away from it, the LBD (little black dress) always seems to win.

Olivia Wilde so refined!!

Its the look we hate to love and love to hate but nothing beats the LBD. The bottom line is its slimming, classic, and we just feel so chic wearing it. I love the way this look is styled so simply with a pair of nude pumps and a bold clutch.  Finish it off with a smoky eye and a soft nude lip. Tres chic!!

Other great LBD looks:

Add a trendy belt and leather boots to the knee for an edgy take on the look.

Kirsten Dunst looks stunning and elegant in black velvet
The maxi dress is the newest way to way to wear black 
A sequin jacket and a bold neck piece add enough drama to make basic black super interesting

Add a tailored jacket for a great work look. Take it off later to go out!
As much as we say black is boring...there are still so many ways to customize it and make it interesting. And while we will always be on the lookout for something different, something with color....its always good to know we can go back to the LBD, our safe haven in fashion.

Try these pieces for your own look (and don't forget you can click the links to bring you to the retail websites for each item):

D&G Black Lace Dress

Vivienne Westwood LBD
Jimmy Choo classic nude pumps

Fendi black lace bow pumps
a more affordable version of the patent nude pump
Have a fabulous, peaceful and spiritual Shabbos!


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  1. I love that D&G black dress

  2. I am loving that D & G lace dress as well as that MAXI dress! Plus, u can't EVER go wrong w/black. It slims everyone;-)