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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To me, having a beautiful home is a lot more meaningful than just indulging in great interior design. This is why, as women, we take such pride in having our home base as pleasing as possible....a place to nurture our children and work on our most precious relationships. In this feature I will pick a room that I think is interesting and stunning and translate it into a fabulous look.

I love this room because its so bold and dramatic. Don't ever be afraid to use COLOR! Even with vibrant hues this room remains traditional....and even soothing. Try a combo of two great colors anchored with white, black and/or grey.  Bold black and white graphic prints like this zebra carpet always look great with a bright accent color too!

Translating this look into fashion was challenging and fun....and the same principles apply: Anchor a bright piece like a yellow skirt with a neutral top but make sure it has some structural interest. Or try a soft turquoise blouse with a grey belted jacket for a great work look. I also like the grey gathered skirt that can be accessorized with a cool turquoise necklace or a bright yellow flower. Add some bling with funky zebra jewelry and top the outfit off with an awe inspiring pair of turquoise shoes.

Here are some more great pieces that go with the look:
grey gathered sweep skirt

See by Chloe taffeta skirt

I always top off an outfit with a great shoe!!
I'd love if you joined in the fun.....please feel free to submit any pictures of stylish rooms that you want me to translate into fashion. You can email pictures and/or comments or questions to

Enjoy your happy homes!

Til next time.....

P.S. Don't forget, I've done some of the shopping for you, you can click on the links (colored words) and they will direct you to the retail websites for the item.

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  1. momm this whole blog is WAy cute i lovee itt im so proud of u ;) lolol <3