Divine and Refined Look 07...Milly and the Headwrap Trend

Sunday, February 06, 2011

For those of us that cover our hair or ever experience a bad hair day, being comfortable and looking great can be a major challenge. But lucky for us, this spring headwraps are all the rage in the fashion world. I've noticed this trend quite a bit recently, but my friend, Pessie Brown led me to the designer Milly, who aside from sending her models down the runway with fabulous headwraps, has an ultra chic and visually refreshing spring collection:

I'm in love with the bold graphic prints and the cheery green, black and white color  scheme.

I'm dreaming about wearing a dress like this for spring with a crisp white shirt and awesome orange shoes:
Patent Orange Bow Wedge $118
Black and Orange Ballet Flat $54.42

How chic is this headwrap with  retro sunglasses?!
I was also so inspired by Milly's collection of coordinating handbags that I found some similar (and much less pricey) ones:
Orange Patent Bag, Topshop $80, Black Chain Satchel  $73,  Floral Bag $98

Thanks goes out to Aleeza, my 15 year old daughter for bringing to my attention the Urban Outfitters spring ad campaign, shot in Israel and featuring models donning head scarves!
 J Lo looks absolutely stunning with every piece of her hair under wraps. Look at how her eyes pop!

Its really one of the simplest trends....truly glamorous and so comfy! You don't need to invest a ton of money, start with a scarf you already have. Here's a video that shows how easy it is to tie your scarf into a headwrap:

And just in case you want to refresh your wardrobe, I found a whole bunch of great scarves in all price ranges. The possibilities are endless!
Diane Von Furstenberg Scarf  $165

Forever 21 Floral Scarf $7.90

Lilly Pullitzer Headscarf $118

Tye Dye Scarf $24

So, next time you have a bad hair day or just feel like running out and being comfy, grab a colorful scarf and wrap it up. You won't believe how glamorous you'll feel all day. 

Til next time...

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  1. Whats the link/company to the colorblock orange and blue dress???

  2. its a Milly dress www.milly.com- Good luck!!

  3. Sorry my mistake, it's www.millyny.com.