Have a Beautiful Shabbos - Three great tips to try this week

Friday, February 11, 2011

No matter how my week goes, I always feel blessed to have a full 25 hours on Shabbos to recharge and recuperate.  We spend our weekdays steeped in the mundane with barely a moment to take a breather. Ok, I admit some of that mundane is pretty amazing....maintaining our homes, nurturing our families and beautifying our lives can all be elevated to a spiritual level.  And Shabbos gives us plenty of opportunity for that:

1. Shabbos is a day for resting and that means comfort is key. There's no better way to be comfortable and completely stylish than donning a gorgeous maxi skirt. The maxi skirt is one of the THE most important trends for 2011! Buy a special one for Shabbos that's both elegant and comfortable.
This glossy pleated skirt takes the basic black skirt to a whole new level
A maxi-dress in a pretty color is a great way to sport a chilled yet dressed up look.

Try metallics with a touch of color and a soft sweater for easy elegance as seen on the Marc Jacobs runway. 
Here's a cool sampling of the some maxi skirts:

2. Set your table gorgeous:  When else during the week do we sit down to three scrumptious meals with our family all in one 'day'? Treat yourself to a fabulous addition to your table. A unique vase for your Shabbos flowers or a stunning set of napkin rings can change the whole mood of tablescape.
Adding a little bling to your table will bring your setting alive
Photo Courtesy of Remarkable Rhinestones
A trip to your local craft store is all you need to make this gorgeous napkin ring. Wrap a velvet ribbon into a loop, glue on a fab gemstone button and embellish with a feather for serious drama.

How great is this botanic vase? ($50)
This Michael Aram Vase will give your table a sophisticated edge

3. And most important, Shabbos allows us the opportunity to connect to the people closest to us. Sometimes family can be challenging, but by overcoming those challenges and working on our relationships we can elevate ourselves spiritually.
Take a moment to give someone a compliment when you least feel like it. Put down your book or magazine when your husband or child wants to talk to you. Or just sing and act silly around the kitchen during clean up time to get everyone involved and have fun.

Whichever way works best for you just remember to enjoy your family and all the blessings in your life.  

Have a great Shabbos,


P.S. Check out the pre-Shabbos make up tips from my first  "Have a Beautiful Shabbos" post.

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  1. i'm definitely loving maxis right now. i love the black one you picked out. and the napkin rings are adorable.


  2. Love the black pleated long skirt and the michael arem vase. Have an amazing Shabbos.