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Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of the many things I'm involved in several times a year is designing and coordinating corporate events in my community. I have been a major player in the YTT Expo, a business expo and fundraiser for my sons' school, for the last 14 years. As my youngest son is graduating this June, this is my last year being a parent in the school.

This striking banner, in aqua blues and green was created by our amazing design team and the expertise of the Golding Design graphic artists. It was the basis of our theme, running throughout the entire event.
This year's event took place Sunday evening, February 27 and the theme was "Currents". My job was to help design the ad campaign, and also to plan and implement the set-up and decor of the gala auction. The results were quite breathtaking!

This center focal point of  our auction set up was created by stacking tables and benches and covering them with yards of a water patterned gossamer fabric.  Gossamer is a sheer fabric used for its decorative capability to create a dramatic and stunning effect. Oversize corals made out of cardboard were also covered in gassamer.
We then added a collection of various glass vases in many sizes and shapes and  filled them with  colored water in shades of blue and green. To achieve a dramatic effect we dropped submerseable lights into the vases to highlight the hypnotic colors.
We hung glass bubbles in 3 different sizes in a random pattern with clear fishing wire to achieve the under-water effect. A bubble machine enhanced this effect even more.  We finished the look with fish nets, aqua coral branches and colorful fish.
The central design flowed seamlessly with the fabulous display of auction prizes for an overall underwater and dreamy affect.
And as this IS a fashion blog and all areas of design cross over into each other how could I not include a beautiful dress completely inspired by the featured aquatic theme. The colors are dreamy and the diagonal draping and soft ruching is super flattering especially for a curvy body...trust me on this one ;)

Peter Pilotto


Now onto the next big event....life is somehow full of them,


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  1. Loved the expo, and love the dress. Do u still have the material from the expo? I would love to buy it from u for my daughters bas mitzvah.