Sunday Casual-Jessica Alba Wears My Favorite Casual Day Uniform

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I don't know about you guys but every time I think I'm done with my ever growing to-do list and I can breath easy, I find I have another growing list to conquer. My life is crazy busy these days and I'm loving it! Dressing well and feeling beautiful without too much expended time and energy is crucial. This picture of Jessica Alba captures the easy and confident style of casual-chic that I often turn to:

 Sometimes being fashionable can be simple and easy and many times you will catch me with my "uniform" for those days when I just can't think about what to wear,  but still need to feel super chic. I throw on a great stretch denim pencil skirt (stretch is the key here, it holds me in tight), my black kiki riki t-shirt and a cool scarf.  The secret of chic is really in the details though. A great jacket, cool sunglasses and a bold bag elevate this look to an effortless yet highly styled look for on-the-go. Oh, and I LOVE Jessica's coffee mug...what a super artsy accessory in its own right.
Jessica's Prada accessories put her casual outfit over the top, wedge heels add height without too much pain...sometimes a few great accessories are all you need to bring a basic outfit to life
Put it all together:

Hope you're having a fabulous and accomplished Sunday,

Til next time....


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  1. I love Jessica Albs's style. It always looks effortlessly chic and it's always her own, unique style. You're right, an outfit is always put together with the accessories.