Going Green

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crisp green leaves compose this fabulous gown for Earth Day, they're also quite apropos for Passover, the holiday where many of us stuff ourselves with these "bitter herbs" at the Seder.

Happy Earth Day. It's not usually my thing to be so "green" and I'm not always the most responsible person when it comes to saving the earth. I really believe that Hashem (G-d) controls everything and gave the earth the ability to recycle itself pretty well...just like our bodies. But even with that attitude I still know we have a responsibility to nurture ourselves and the world around us. Nothing can sustain itself for too long when under constant  abuse and misuse.

So that being said, I decided to create some "green" fashion looks just for fun. Green is actually a neutral color and can pretty much go with anything.  Just like the grass and trees are rooted in the earth...the color green is a natural partner with all earthy colors.  I especially love it with tan, beige, taupe, cognac.

Green is also fabulous with black and I especially love it as an accent color with a black and white pattern like the polka dots in this adorable skirt.

This is also one of my favorite color combos in decor and party-scaping.

Photo Courtesy of kinsereventcompany.blogspot.com
As a matter of fact you can easily add whimsy to a simple black and white outfit by sporting a couple of vivid green accessories.  Try a bold watch like this fabulous Michael Kors with a pair of vintage inspired sunglasses:

Always remember to be responsible to yourself and the world around you.  Respect your health, your relationships, and your world. Remember that no man is an island and baby steps are the building blocks to great achievements.  And always dress fabulously.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday,

Til next time,

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  1. it must be green week! thanks u! im following...

  2. love the green with the blk and white polka dot...would have never thought to pair that together!
    Great looks.

  3. you are always welcome to use my photos! and happy passover to you!

    -Yevgeniya Yelkina

  4. Hi gorgeous!!! nice to see you out of shopstyle. hehehe thanks darling. i'm followin. kiss kiss