Wedding Wednesday...Get Inspired by Gorgeous Gowns in the Garden

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi guys! Today is the perfect day to talk about gowns in the garden. The rain, not so great for our moods, is certainly wonderful for all the spring blooms, and with wedding season upon us, let gowns in the garden be the perfect anti-depressant!
Australian designer Joe Challita has a stunning collection of origami inspired wedding gowns all photographed in a whimsical garden setting. I'm in love with the interesting art-like shapes and folds these gowns are comprised of:

A full balloon of over sized blooms: glorious and romantic!
Oscar de la Renta also has a gorgeous bridal collection....his gowns posed against a background of glorious cherry blossoms:

In continuing with the garden theme, over sized cabbage roses and peonies clipped into an up do add a dramatic and stunning addition to a modern gown:

Try to enjoy the rain and may the flowers bloom!

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  1. I absolutely love the fourth dress down, "A full balloon of over sized blooms"! It would be sooo beautiful to wear! Is that one being advertised as an actual wedding dress? That would be kind of neat, except I think I'd just wear it to romanticize a beautiful day in the park with my fiancé. :D

    I love your blog, it's giving me inspiration to make mine better! I'll definitely keep reading your posts.

  2. Shalom Sharom! I'm happy for you visiting my blog. I also enjoyed your page.

    I'm overwhelmed with all the details and dresses. C'est tout très chic :)

    I will add your address in my list of favorite blogs.

    I'm traveling with my husband and on these occasions we close social media, but in awe of you... I wish you luck and Peace.