Flavors, Flowers and Fashion - A Cheat Sheet for Shavuos

Monday, June 06, 2011


For all of you who think I'm only about fashion and flowers; glamour and parties...I'm actually donning a flour dusted long black skirt, t shirt and snood (not exactly glamorous and no I will not post a picture!) and taking a break from  the kitchen where I just put up 5 lbs of Challah to rise, a scrumptious veal roast, a corned beef, grilled chicken cutlets for chicken wraps, and 2 varieties of cheesecakes for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Shavuos.  I'm kind of an anti-gourmet, gourmet...ya know the one that throws together 5-6 dishes at one shot using hardly any recipes except the experience in my head, making a huge mess of the kitchen and blatantly cheating by using lots of store bought 'gourmet' ingredients and sauces. I say if you can buy it and it's just as good as homemade then why waste your time? My self esteem is definitely not tied into having everything made from scratch.
My messy kitchen

My 'cheat' cheescakes ready to go in the oven...homemade batter, store bought crusts.

My rising challah dough

That being said I still kind of feel like I should post a delicious cheesecake recipe here since that is our main traditional dessert for Shavuos (dairy products play a roll in the history of this holiday). So I will cheat at this as well and post a link to a new blog by a fabulous cheesecake baker and owner of her own kosher cheesecake company, The Viennese Table. She has been selling the best cheesecakes in Lakewood for 20 years or so. She has now exposed her mother's secret recipe and I am about to try it myself. Go to Yumkosher.com for this recipe.


Recently I had the opportunity to guest blog on a fabulous and beautiful website for 'savvy' Jewish women and what I did was post two very different floral arrangement ideas for your Shavuos table, with instructions how to make them, and then came up with coordinating outfits inspired by them. I enjoyed and loved this post so much that I wanted to share the gorgeous photos here with a link to the Savvima site where you can read the article in its entirety. (If you already saw this on Savvima, I do apologize for the 'cheat', although for me I never tire of looking at beautiful images for more inspirations!)

Combining several shades of neutrals with a touch of green is so inspired

Love the earthy and modern simplicity of this arrangement
For the full article go to http://savvima.com/2011/06/03/from-your-yom-tov-table-to-your-closet/.

I also post regulary for the up and coming (under construction) kosher cooking and lifestyle website: Kosherstreet.com. I just did a similar post using the glorious color combo of pink and green. (This is the color combo I personally am setting my table with.)
Limes and hot pink roses are a glorious combo

Style yourself with spring blooms in mind

You can check out the full article and shopping guide at Kosherstreet.com.

Thanks for letting me cheat....in the end the food comes out wonderful, the flowers are fabulous and the fashion is gorgeous. And all without too much fuss!

Have a gorgeous Yom Tov.

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  2. i like the outfits that you put together!

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