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Monday, June 27, 2011

In orthodox Judaism, modesty is a hot topics full of many passionate opinions and views. Modesty as I see it is about finding the balance between looking beautiful as a woman without being overtly attention seeking. When you have a passion for beautiful things, like I do...sometimes finding that balance is a real challenge. There will always be people who misunderstand each other but I think we all agree that modesty is about not distracting from the beautiful essense of a woman, that her value will shine through without needing to attract attention to her body.

Dressing fabulously and keeping in fashion while maintaining this level of modesty would hardly be possible if not for our 'frum' styles of donning shirts under sleeveless dresses and tops and even adding a simple pencil skirt under a tunic, dress or skirt that is too short. We have made our own fashion and I'm so proud when I see a woman wearing what would be a sleeveless mini-dress completely 'tzniusized' (made modest)...(is that even a word?)
Me and my daughter, Sara at her bridal shower last May. We are both wearing sleeved shells and skirts  under out tunics.  We stayed nice and cool in light fabric and colors.
There is also the issue of the orthodox married woman covering her hair. This is one of our most sacred practices and it is a beautiful one.  The point being that we are keeping one of our most beautiful features special for our husband, which actually adds another layer of sacredness to our marriages. And for those who say that wigs are nicer than hair...well in my opinion, although they ARE really nice, (and that's the beauty of Judaism...even in our restrictions we can find enjoyment if done with the right intentions) it is still not your real hair...end of story. That being said, whether you wear a wig or not, headscarves play an important role to all and is a staple in the modest and fashionable woman's wardrobe.

This is why a specialty shop like Double Header is a necessity in our lives. Double Header is fully stocked with all of our accessory needs in one place: shells, skirts, robes, hosiery, headscarves, hair accessories, jewelry, baby blankets, belts and more! Their pretty site is easy to navigate and super inexpensive too.

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite picks from Double Header:
This is my number one 'must have' for layering. Kiki Riki 3/4 sleeve tee...I buy several of these monthly for their gorgeous fit. $15.99
For those days when you just want to run out and be comfortable...why not do it with flair....and a little bling? I love these sequin berets and they come in a multitude of colors too! $14.99
This is my number two 'must have' its affordable price, I buy a case of these at a time.  These nude hose are super comfortable and smooth out your leg without looking too pasty. I love the color honey for a real looking, perfectly tanned appearance. $3.99
At just $10 (I had to do a double take too!) this lycra skirt is a dream come true for those who can't seem to find the perfect dress that is long enough. Slipping this on underneath will lengthen your look without adding bulk. I'm going to order mine now! $10
This gorgeous beaded flower headband is just one style that I loved from Double Header's fabulous collection of hair accessories for the whole family. $11.99
For the perfect baby gift: You have probably never felt anything softer than this luxurious super plush baby blanket and the assortment of designs are just divine! $65
Turn a simple top into a designer piece by adding this gorgeous rosette bib necklace.  Double Header has so many beautiful jewelry pieces including bangles. $14.99
So go ahead, bookmark Double Header's link and let them be your 'go to' shop for all of your fashionable and modest necessities....and tell them that 'fashion-isha' sent you!


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  1. Love the photo! Two gorgeous and stylish ladies!

  2. You are both really cute!^^
    Love this silver sequined hat!

  3. Love that sequined baret! Your daughter looks so much like you:) Now off to check out that shop.

  4. Beautiful!
    -Jessica & Holly

  5. What great suggestions you have for remaining true to your beliefs but looking the best you can and feeling great.
    LOVE that sequin little cute is that!

    oh and the story isn't really THAT long..when it rains it pours..I had someone who I turned down for a giveaway leave a nasty comment...and than someone emailed/inquired about advertising..and when I said I wasn't interested they had a snarky remark/email back to has just been one of those weeks I guess...looking forward to a relaxing blog free weekend. lol.

  6. You and your daughter are so pretty. I am a Christian and also believe in modesty. It's refreshing to see a post about being fashionable yet modest.

    Have a great day!
    Heidi (hi-d)

  7. I like the gift ideas. My friend will soon give birth a baby boy, I was thinking if this could be a good gift for her baby?

  8. I love Double Header it's near my house and I get all my hosiery there