Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I started this blog I had a vision and lots ideas of what I wanted to do here. I have always loved all aspects of design and creativity and as much as I love fashion, interior design has been another passion of mine.

Does anyone remember the feature in Domino Magazine where they took a room and came up with an outfit inspired by it? (or vice versa...I can't remember). Well, to me that was just the ultimate in creativity and I am thrilled to do something like that here!

Theoretically, my idea was to post a picture of a beautiful room and then put together a 'look' inspired by it...but I must admit I got a little carried away here. Maybe it was the color scheme that just evokes this incredibly soothing feeling reminiscent of my all time favorite space: the sea; or my new found love of the incredible photo resource site, pinterest; but either way, enjoy these seafoam delights!


(here is where I get carried away a bit)

Have you dared to try this dreamy color on your toes yet? Of course I have

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest


A contrast of coral is another gorgeous compliment to seafoam
Tibi Marble Print Silk Dress: $345, Nine West Sandals $99, Stephen Dweck Chandelier Earings $220, Nars shimmer eyeshadow in goldfinger $23, Straw bracelet tote $30.40, Running Water Crystal Ring $60
Note: To keep these looks modest, try a shell and/or pencil skirt for sleeves and length.  Double Header is a great source for such items and is linked on the top right of this blog.

Did you notice that throughout these photos a touch of golden yellow perfectly compliments this hue? Just like the blazing sun above the sea, the best color combos can be found just by observing nature. 

Have a gorgeous day!

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  1. What a beautiful montage of one of my favorite colors. I think I have that very shade of Esse...or one very close to it. And I just happen to be getting a pedi've inspired me to go sea foam!

  2. A little touch of yellow goes a very long way. The seafoam green is such a gorgeous color. These pictures are beautiful!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Foam green is such a fantastic colour. I remember first seeing it in a Martha Stewart magazine (she uses it a lot in her kitchens and kitchen products). Beautiful images here...


  4. Hello Fashion-Isha!
    I have to say the pictorial is beautiful and the color scheme so soothing and calm. I love the selection of home decor, fashion and nature photos combined. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm now following you! Great that Sandy ooh la frou frou has connected us. I will visit regularly! xoxo

  5. beautiful! i wish my bedroom looked like that in the first image.

  6. These images are amazing...what a beautiful post!!

  7. These images are stunning! I really love the mint green collage and then the young woman in the blazer! So lovely and relaxing!

  8. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I love the post. Really very inspiring due to the fact that I never realized what the touch of yellow can do with seafoam green color. Following you!

  9. Wonderful Post! I Love seafoam green! It is such a fabulous color. As you showed, it can be used in all aspects of life!

  10. GAH! totally drooling over all of this dreamy seafoam loveliness! thanks for linking it up! i would love for you to join future tuesday color link ups if you wish! next week is blues & golds :) XO brynn