Fabology Reports: Tips for Staying FAB Throughout Your Pregnancy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am completely excited about this post!! When I first began blogging in January I had only first heard about the famous 'Fabology Page' on facebook. I quickly friend requested this mysterious, well heeled (literally!), and super talented frum fashionista and started relishing her every post for her high fashion knowledge, great taste and deep spirituality. 
I knew I had found a fabulous like-minded woman, and as her popularity soared she became one of my favorite inspirations. A couple of months ago, she announced that she was expecting, and I was curious to learn about her glamorous transfer into the maternity realm. I am truly honored to have been given the opportunity to interview the woman who is known only as 'Fabology'. Here she answers some questions regarding staying absolutely fabulous during this magical time of pregnancy:

Fashion-isha: Do you have any styling tips specific to dressing for pregnancy that you could share with us?

Fabology: Don’t overdo it! I count a baby bump as THE most feminine-fab accessory, so I keep my style simple. Obsessing summer’s brights & bolds à la classic silhouette…pairing summer sheaths with eclectic wrist-wears or eye-catching cocktails rings…nude stilettos to elongate the leg & balance  the ‘bump’… and, of course, over sized sunnies, serving as a cure-all for prego-ailments (at least in the accessories department!). 

Fashion-isha: What was your one (or two or three) 'go to' pieces you couldn't have lived without during your pregnancy.

Fabology: Blazers (boyfriend & tuxedo, sequined & leather), summer scarves (patterns & prints), flowing MAXIs (tunics & caftans); styles I oft wore pre-pregnancy which now dominate my wardrobe.  I try to invest in pieces I will don post-baby bump—by adding a belt or with a bit of tailoring.

My stiletto fetish remains intact and I am currently having a canary yellow moment and obsessing my Prada Minimal Baroque sunnies!
Pumps by Brian Atwood

Fashion-isha: You write about how you love your heels. (I do too!) Did you find wearing heels more of a challenge during pregnancy? Any recommendations for fabulous shoes while pregnant?

Fabology: As of now I am still in my heels. For me sky-high soles never meant discomfort (I wouldn’t don them daily if in distress!), yet as my baby bump grows my feet definitely feel the strain, thus support level now factors into stiletto choice. Less strappy, more shoe is usually preferred by the prego-chic, rendering wedges & platforms a perfect option.
Shoes by Christian Louboutin

However, happy to report that while a cinched waist may no longer be a fab fit, my Loubous most certainly are. ;)

Fashion-isha: Tell us about your eating and exercise regiment while pregnant. Did you maintain the same habits or change them up?

Fabology: Neither are drastically different, but I definitely tweaked them a bit. Living in a pedestrian proud city like Manhattan, I am always en route on foot.  The constant exercise of a tres busy schedule—paired with daily dog walks & weekly pilates—has kept me in excellent shape… and hopefully prepared for an easy labor.  
As for diet, when I thought of pregnancy I had visions of frolicking to & fro patisseries; craving confections & sampling sweet treats—surprisingly, that was not the case.  My body immediately demanded a healthy diet. (I crave apples, not cupcakes!) 
Thus, I listened and loaded up on lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and veggies. Luckily, farmer’s markets are in season, thus my Chloé has become a carry-all for summer produce & fresh herbs–not to mention the gorg florals!  Greek yogurt, brown rice sushi & homemade hummus serve as choice snacks... I make my calories count toward nutrition for me & my baby.  With my doctor as my guru and my body as my guide (plus, my hubby as my hero!),  I have happily bid adieu to my caffeine & cocktail ways, embracing a prego-smart lifestyle...B'H, feeling fab!
Fashion-isha: Give us some ideas how you were able to be pregnant in the city, dress modestly and well and remain cool and comfortable? Any tips specifically about keeping cool?

Fabology: In terms of fashion, my pregnancy came at the ideal season.  Spring 2011 inspired a resurgence of MAXI mania & blazer obsession; two prego-chic essentials & über easy wardrobe cross-overs. Honestly, I am in my third trimester & have yet to buy a maternity piece.  I much prefer glamming summer tunics or vintage caftans. No matter your limitations (maternity, budget, modesty), I find an individual’s innate style to be her best fashion guide. Despite trends (or trimester), stay to true to your instinct, it will serve you well—preggers or not! 

Tips for staying cool, hmmm, stay indoors?  When dressing tzniusly, the heat is oft a hindrance to layered ensembles & lengthy sheitels.  I would advise tossing a fedora or floppy atop a flowing MAXI, and steering clear of the sun.  Braids are also a classic coif option to keep your face free from tresses.

Another warm weather consideration is sun damage! My facialist warned me of chloasma (skin discoloration during pregnancy), so I was religious about SPF, opting for sunless tanning & a bit of bronzer.  
HYDRATE!  In addition to your iced decaf, always keep an Evian on hand.

Fashion-isha: Pregnancy is exhausting...how did you manage to do all that you do during this state? Any time saving or energy saving tips?

Fabology: Pregnancy IS exhausting—and incredible—and can certainly take its toll!  I was always the gal with endless energy, so I definitely had to learn to take it easy(er).

As a personal experience, these 9, actually 10 months differ for every woman.  Thus, I can only attest to my own (first-time) adventure. After a week of morning sickness, I realized I really couldn’t—& didn’t want to—‘do it all’ at this prego-stage of my life. Thus, I quickly learned to prioritize.

If you feel so inclined, take your to-do list & slash it in half. Be realistic about the amount you can accomplish sans stress. Your planner is now packed with prenatal appointments & your body easily plagued by exhaustion, so find a balance that successfully works for your lifestyle. (Politely decline a few dinner party invites & spend quiet nights in as needed…) Keep energized & undertake endeavors you deem important.
Pamper yourself. Join a book club, enroll in a yoga class, schedule a spa visit… no matter your personal preference, do something for ‘you’ & use the time to rejuvenate—sans overstuffed planner & buzzing Iphone! Sign-up online for local coupons (i.e. Groupon, JDeal, DealVogue) to score savings on these sometimes costly indulgences.
Be positive. Pregnancy is an amazing blessing, (and though a bit lengthy) embrace & enjoy it.  Constant complaints are ever exhausting, so spare yourself (& others) the misery & make the very best of it! Debut that fab baby-bump & glam your mama-to-be glow…

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  1. It's great that you are already in your third trimester without buying any maternity. Wonderful advice on how to integrate your normal wardrobe for maternity wear. Why waste the money (and energy shopping!) on a pile of clothes that you'll have to put away after just a few months?

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks so much for The kind comments on my blog! Your blog is adorable and I wish you blessings with your upcoming birth!

  3. love it!! my two favorite fashinistas together!!!

  4. So happy for the introduction to Fab-ology!! Stylish women are such an inspiration!!!

    So happy you stopped by today!!
    xo Elizabeth

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  6. fabulous post!!! very interesting!!!

  7. Sharon, what a great resource for those ladies expecting. Especially first time moms need guidance and inspiration. This is a great post for them!
    Shabbat Shalom,

  8. great post!!!!

    happy weekend


  9. Great post, pregnancy should be fabulous for everyone (and I hope I'll be just as fashionable when that day comes.) Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I've fallen in love your blog and I'm now a follower :)

  10. Only Mrs. Fabology could rock pregnancy like she does!! Thanks for featuring my fashion guru, she does it better than anyone else!!

  11. Fabology defines fabulous for the Frum world! What did we do before her?

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