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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I truly love getting your emails and hearing your questions, suggestions and comments. They continually ignite my creativity and inspire me to broaden my horizons as a blogger. And I love helping people too, so keep them coming! 

Certainly, not every style works for everyone. We are constantly bombarded with a myriad of clothing every season. We see the trends and want to try them all. But for most of us, we need to work with our personal body shapes and stick with the tried and true. I recently received this question from a fashion-isha friend:

Hi Sharon,

I absolutely LOVE your site.  I’m sure you hear that a lot. I have a personal fashion question.
I am very petite with a very large chest and small shoulders.  I can’t wear normal shirts or jackets or normal anything because my chest is so large its just obscene.  Any tsnius (modest) fashion suggestions for such a body type?

A Sweet Apple

Dear Apple:

 I truly understand your frustration because I have several friends with the same body type and I know how difficult it is for them. No matter how thin you are you never truly 'feel' that way. I find the best styles for your body type are narrow pencil skirts to the knee with larger, 'floaty' tops that end with a tapered waist. There are so many gorgeous tops out there that are just divine. The over sized top and fitted bottom is extremely chic now. I especially love tops with dolman sleeves. If the top doesn't end in a taper, DO add a belt to avoid looking pregnant. Don't worry about it if your waist isn't perfectly tiny, a great belt can add the illusion of a waist especially in comparison to the chest. Keep necklaces simple but add a pop of color on your lips or eyes and dramatic earrings to elongate your face and bring the focus off your chest and onto the bling! A colorful scarf is also a great way to add style and color while detracting from what's beneath it. Always add a pair of fabulous heels. They can do wonders in changing the way you carry yourself. Try a comfortable pair of platform wedges for height and wearability. 

Here is a classic look that will work with your body type and help you feel fab:

Shopping Guide:

Once you find the style and cut that is flattering for you, you can switch up your tops, shoes and accessories with confidence.  

Some more tops that I LOVE:
Rachel Zoe Sequin Dolman Top $275
Catherine Malandrino Dolman Sleeve Top $178.95
Charlotte Russe Bell Sleeve Top $19.99
Alice & Olivia Sequin Dolman Top $138
Rampage V-neck Royal Dolman Top $28.99

Draped Dolman Sleeve Top $55.50

Which one of these tops is your favorite? Do you have a favorite styling tip for this body type you'd like to share?

Always remember, life is too short to wish you had a different body. Do what you can to be healthy...then accept yourself to enjoy how fabulous you are, just the way you are today!

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  1. I also love your website. Its really wonderful to have a fashion guide-ess for Orthodox women. Thank you, I'm going to incorporate your fashion tips!

  2. This is great! I hope you can cover pear body types as well.

  3. Salut Sharon, that's such good advice, a great post. My favourite top would be the very first one (with all the other items) because it's so simple and classic. I think it's so fab that people ask for your advice, keep it going :-) xo

  4. this is a great post and spot on! THanks for the advice!

  5. Thank you for all of your nice comments on my blog! Best, Kate

  6. Hi Sharon, Great post. I'm not of 'petite' frame but I did love the dolman tops that you posted and will check them out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The sequin top is definitely my fave! And love the leopard print belt :-)

  8. This is such a great post! Hope to see more!!!

  9. great post....
    Totally agree with you...fitted bottom w flowing top is the way to all the tops you chose/featured.

  10. i love your style hon! the blouse looks so fresh! i love it!

  11. Very interesting and informative post! Thanks for the great tips!

    Check out my giveaway :)


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