Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy September everyone! Although I'm always a bit sad to see summer go, I really do love the change of season and the entrance of autumn. Don't you remember that fresh feeling of writing your first school notes on a crisp piece of paper in your brand spanking new notebooks? And the excitement of a trip to the mall to check out the glorious fall fashion, not to mention the adrenaline rush after purchasing the perfect update for your wardrobe? Or stepping outside at dusk and feeling the heavenly, cooled off breeze while listening to the crickets loudly sing their welcome to the evening? How about receiving those mega sized September issues of your favorite magazines?? Seriously, it takes days to sift through those things.

To me magazine editing is probably one of the most creative jobs out there and even in this overly saturated world of online media, leafing through a fresh, brightly colored magazine is one of my little pleasures in life and probably my main source of fashion and design inspiration. So here I offer some fabulous September  (among other) magazine covers. All completely glamorous and modest too!

Which cover is your favorite?

Wishing everyone a fabulous, productive and inspiring September!

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  1. Gorgeous covers! xo

  2. Since our power is still out, I'm planning a weekend leafing through some of my September issues. I have to say that the Russia Elle cover is gorgeous - then again, all of them are! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sept fashion mags are my BIBLES...I have two fashion shows this fall..and I will be tearing out sheet after sheet from Vogue, Lucky style tips and inspirations for sure.
    I love a great blog/online resource BUT nothing beats flipping through a magazine at your leisure..can someone tell my 2 year old that? lol

  4. I am totally addicted to those gorgeous glossy fashion magazines, their sweet scented soft glossy pages suround me as I love to snuggle up to their fashion and lipstick presentations,and fantasize.