Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In just one week we will be celebrating the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana. This is the first of a series of Holidays that we celebrate this time of year. After Rosh Hashana comes Yom Kippur, and then Succos (or Sukkot) where we build makeshift huts outside our homes, where we eat our meals and spend as much time as possible, for a duration of 7 days. The sukkahs represent the protective clouds Hashem (G-d) surrounded us with when we were traveling through the desert, and our custom is to decorate them and make them beautiful. Wait...pause at DECORATE!! Yes, this is where I, and many of my creative friends get a little stuck. Or more like carried away. While so many others are busy shopping for holiday clothes for their kids and planning glorious menus for the 26 Shabbat and holiday meals coming up (yes I counted!), I am dreaming of tablescapes, outdoor party decor and how I will decorate my sukkah and holiday tables. (I will show you some of my decorated sukkahs from past years in a future post).

Flash back to the beginning of the summer. My friend Sarah of Kosher Street invited me to attend this charity table setting competition/event with her. It was hosted in a beautiful mansion by the Jersey Shore and the tablescapes and decor were just fabulous. The tables were judged by a panel of creative women, one of them Marlene of The Jewish Hostess.  I decided at the time to save this post for now, when Holidays and party planning would be relevant and on the mind. So here it is! Enjoy the gorgeous scenery, the great table setting ideas, and even some fabulous modest fashion!

This is the beautiful home where the event took place.

The event sign!
How fabulous is this burlap and green table setting? The vibrancy of the yellow flowers and lemons compliment the earthy look just perfectly!

Fresh and happy!

I'm loving the layered elements decorating this post.

This is an awesome idea for decorating your chairs for Sukkot or any outdoor fete!

Two words to describe this tablescape? Glam and Fem!

A rose for each chair...

A touch of sparkle adds a pop to the softness of the flowers.

A gorgeous mirrored vase captures the light and reflects the elements around it.

Of course I had to also capture some the ornate and beautiful elements of the home. 

A fabulous grouping of flowers adorns the entranceway (yellow+pink=great color combo):

Here's a beautiful Chanukah party table idea to tuck away for future reference:

The pool, gardens, and grounds were to die for:

This was one of my favorites: A gorgeous floral inspired tablescape:
Notice the details of the centerpiece structure made out of a birdcage, chicken wire and hydrangeas.

I love the visual contrast of the sod against the lace. Food can also be quite decorative: Gourmet cheese, figs, olives and crusty homemade bread adorn this gorgeous setting.

Centerpiece details

You can never go wrong with dreamy Tiffany blue and white:

I love the idea of elevating a serving dish with several small glasses or vases filled with natural decorations.

A stunning Emilio Pucci skirt

And here's another floral themed setting...this time embellished with brightly patterned scarves...DIVINE!

This garden themed resin chair is just adorable...makes me want to get that glue gun ready!

Every little touch is an integral ingredient for feasting the eyes

And more of the fabulous gardens:

Look at the detail of the tiles in the pool!

I love the detailed scrolling, crisp white cushions and intricate pattern on this patio furniture.

A view from the back of the house

Now that autumn has arrived, we can truly appreciate the vivid beauty of summer flowers.

A young charity fashionista.

The secret to chic? Mix high and of the bracelets is expensive and one is from Target.
And finally, the Rosh Hashana table setting:

Green apples are naturally decorative and are a beautiful compliment to the gold

I'm loving the scooped out apple honey dish!

Fish are a included in many Rosh Hashana customs. How original to include them in the centerpiece vase!

Stay tuned for a part two of this post, where I feature photos from some of my past year's decorated sukkahs, plus many more gorgeous party decor inspirations. Now off to dress the family and cook some food!

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  1. WOW..this is a gorgeous home and the decor just kept getting better and better. I'd love to host an event that lavish someday. Enjoy your upcoming holidays!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! Love all these beautiful ideas!!!

  3. How does one eat on or have a conversation across one of those beautifully, yet (in my opinion)overly decrorated tables?

  4. Yes, please provide your sukkah-decorating ideas and I will copy whatever I can (isn't that awful?). My son has ordered some interesting decorations online (with my help/approval), but I am craving something both natural and sophisticted, so any of your great ideas are much appreciated!

  5. Hi Sharon, that was serious eye porn- I don't think that I have ever seen more beautifully decorated tables in my life. It's so gorgeous that I would feel bad eating there, knowing me I would spill stuff all over :) Have a great holiday, looks like you'll be doing it in style!

  6. Beautiful Pictures!!!! Actually, they look too pretty to eat on!!!!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to have a dinner party, adults only. I'm still at the point where my shabbos tabel has to be more practical.

    Btw, that girl's skirt is Anthropologie - I wear it with a fitted gray boatneck tee and mustard peeptoes. I was actually going to email you on how to wear it in the fall/winter b/c it's so lovely i don't want to save it just for warm weather.

  8. Lovely pictures! I met you during the IFB conference, and it's so nice to see you have such a cute blog. I'm definitely following!


  9. I am shocked after seeing this beautiful house. This house is so impressive. And key attraction of this home is it's garden. This garden is so amazing and beautiful. Collection of the home and garden decorating items are so nice. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.