Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to be involved in two exciting events, both of them brand new experiences for me! The first one was a video shoot for 'FridayLight', a campaign to inspire Jewish women all over the world to light candles for Shabbat on Friday evening. So last Monday (Labor Day), my 16 year old daughter and I arrived at a studio apartment in Brooklyn to be filmed discussing what lighting candles for Shabbat means to us. Considering that I have stage fright, it was definitely a bit nerve wracking, but in the end it was amazing to break through my fears and be a part of this wonderful campaign.

The coordinator of the project, Mimi, from  LadyMama, preparing me to light the candle for the video

Adjusting my jewelry: I wrapped a necklace around my wrist creating an interesting bracelet to be paired with a contrasting bangle.

At the end we received a gift of candles and matches:

I styled a mini color block dress modestly by adding a fitted t-shirt and pencil skirt underneath. Since there was absolutely no black in the dress, the shirt and skirt added a third hue to the color blocking. The wide belt pulled everything together.

Color block dress: Zara
Black t-shirt: Kiki Riki
Black pencil skirt: Express
Black Leather Belt: Target
Wood and suede wedge shoes: Sam Edelman, Nordstrom
Wig: Fortune Wigs 
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The second event I attended was the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) Conference, held last Wednesday in NYC. I had joined IFB (a networking site for fashion bloggers) a while back and had heard about the event last September. This was an opportunity for bloggers from all over to meet each other, network, and have fun. At the time I was a blogging newbie and it all seemed so glamorous to me. When I saw that they were planning another event to coincide with New York Fashion Week, I signed up immediately. I didn't realize at the time that I'd be flying off to Israel that night, and as you may imagine it was quite a whirlwind of a week. I have to give my husband a special thank you, because I could never have pulled all of this off without him coming through and taking over at home. It's all been so glamorous and exhausting!

At the conference, my goal was to get some blogging tips, meet some people and take pictures of modest fashion. Some of the topics covered were: How to promote yourself through social media, balancing business and blogging, and advice from Elle Magazine creative director Joe Zee, who himself said that blogging has beat magazines as the number one source for fashion information.

It was really fun to see the massive amount of creativity people put into their outfits and I did get a few beautiful looks (although my photography leaves a lot to be desired). As for me, I wasn't exactly photo worthy. Knowing that  I would be going directly to the airport for a 10 hour flight right after, I chose to not even try to compete. Simple, conservative attire was the easy way out for me! But here are some snapshots from the day:

Trends: Statement necklace, animal print, maxi skirt, color.

Trends: Cape, collar and hat

Trends: laptop, multiple rings, color

Trends: Missoni for Target!

Trends: tie shoes, baroque patterns

Trends: midcalf length skirt (yes really!), wedges, 80's styling

Trends: cropped leather jacket, beads and baubles, color

Trends: laydlike dress, collar, contrasting belt
Trends: stripes, ladylike skirt, bouffant hair

Trends: Black and white patterns, midcalf skirt, cat eye sunglasses

Trends: bangs, maxi skirt, leather jacket
Trends: Maxi dress, long cardigan, dramatic makeup

A panel of bloggers

Trend: color, red lipstick

And then there were SHOES!

 Then, during break, I walked across the street to Chelsea Market and found more inspiration from the fabulous displays and decor of the local Anthropologie:

I loved the dramatic grouping of several circle necklaces. Tip: Layer several necklaces to create your own unique design.

Homey displays create a visual feast

Creamy ceramics, color rich fabrics and natural woods are the making of a fabulous display.

An organic lantern is an interesting contrast to the industrial ceiling.
A bee hive sculpture divides different sections of the store.

Moroccan tiles and a slew of globe lights make this stairwell dramatic and interesting.

Art marries fashion at this display

Coloring books for adults! 

Tea cups on chains create a gorgeous hanging fixture.

So did you enjoy the video shoot, the glamorous fashion or the fabulous store displays? Either way, the common theme here was COLOR. And lots of it! I believe if you just open your eyes, you will be able to see beauty and inspiration everywere.

Have a colorful day!

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  1. Hi! I can't believe you have a 16 year old daughter you look so young! ;)
    And I really like the colourblock dress! :)

  2. Amazing photos! Such a group of stylish ladies!

  3. Thanks for chronicling all of these exciting events. You look great as always! When can we see the "Friday Light" video?

  4. You look AMAZING in the photo shoot...a true natural..
    AND your photos from the conference are awesome!!! You captured so many fashionistas...and I knew who so many of them!!! So fun- I wished I had been able to go to that...probably would have learned a lot.
    Best to you- hope you are having a great weeke.

  5. love your outfit, great solution to layer the tee and pencil skirt under the looks fabulous!

  6. I just found you through Karena. You might want to check out our fire sale on our website. Many of our vendors are cleaning house!!

  7. Thanks for the update on these events and great photos (I got to see it all and stayed home the entire time :-) You looked great. Really love the "Friday light" video idea/campaign and can't wait to hear more.

  8. This is such a great post! I wish I had been able to go this year, but won't be missing out next year for sure!


  9. Sharon, you looked amazing in the shoot, as always! It looks like it was fun and such a special cause. I loved your documenting of the various trends for this season. Not to mention how nice it is see the pics of all of the stylish women you heard from or met.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  10. Thanks for visiting!!! Lovely blog you have here and great style! I'll definitely be back.

    x tamra

  11. Hi Sharon-Don't be so hard on yourself- I think you got some really good shots at the conference! Love the modified color-block dress! Glad you like my modest look- very flattered:) xo

  12. You looked gorgeous for the the photo shoot and IFB!! It was a pleasure meeting you- I am your hot pink maxi and leopard top! Can't wait to find out more about your blog!

  13. I am absolutely loving some of these outfits.
    Especially those snake print pants from Zara. I seriously need to get a pair of those.

  14. wow
    great pics!
    looks like a lot of style and FUN!!!

    xoxo ♥♥♥

  15. Wow!! It looks like you had such a good time! :)

  16. Awesome post!! Congrats on being invited to the look fabulous! And how neat to be at the bloggers conference, I am newer to blogging but I love how its really carving its own niche out there.....imagine that, their own conference, love it!!
    Now you have me itching to run into Antrhopologie today!! I used to shop there all the time but my mind has been so preoccupied with everything for the house those fun casual shopping days are behind me...but think I will go there this week...thanks for the reminder about what a great store it is!