Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The beauty of blogging, or for that matter, posting on any social media site, is that you can literally create your own little 'reality show' of your life. We all have the ability to portray exactly what we choose and edit out the rest.

One of the points of this blog is to filter out the doldrums of everyday life and offer a medium for beautiful  ideas in fashion, design and lifestyle; as well as share parts of my life that I hope you'll find interesting or inspiring. The downside to this is the risk that people may think I'm shallow and not living in the real world.  Let me reassure you that I, like you, am a regular wife and mom.  I don't like the way I look when I wake up, struggle to maintain my weight, love to eat, get sensitive to criticism, worry over issues with my kids and family, want to hide under my covers on a rainy day....should I go on?

The point here being this: There is no perfect life. We all have our packages, our ups and downs; but if we choose to focus on the positive gifts in the precious moments we have sharing our lives with loved ones and friends and appreciating the beauty in everything, we will live our best lives. Lives far from perfect but perfectly amazing!

Here are some highlights from my recent trip to Chicago. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying the 'shared moments' with my daughter!

In my last post on color, someone requested I show some pictures of my daughter's colorful apartment. I didn't do such a great job, but here are two elements that are great. This is the chandelier in her entrance hall...pretty colorful, huh!
 I was pretty impressed with how she created such a cozy nook in such a small space on the side of her kitchen...isn't it great?
All items from Home Goods
My daughter Sara in gorgeous downtown, right near the Water Tower (Oprah's home)
Faux Fur Jacket: Forever 21
I was dreaming I'd run into Oprah! She's the original inspiration for 'living your best life'.
These Gucci beauties from Neimans are so me...but the price is not!
I absolutely loved this Holiday tablescape at Bloomingdales:
Okay I'm cheating here. This is actually a pic of me in Topshop in SoHo NYC. But my daughter and I did go to Topshop in Chicago too! Here I finally dared to try the socks with booties look.
Hat: Topshop, Top: Forever 21, Bangle: Topshop, Iphone Case: Nordstrom, Bag: TJ Maxx,  Skirt: Express,  Booties: Bakers
My fave shoes in Topshop at the moment.
What an awesome fur vest (Topshop)
I love this gold framed chalkboard found in a cozy antique store. Only thing? It wasn't even cold in Chicago!
Another fabulous display. Leopard accessories look amazing against vibrant red and pink:
 I stopped breathing for a moment when I saw these DIE! They inspired me to recreate them myself for much less!
I haven't actually done the project yet but here's what I'd do: Find an inexpensive version of beige booties that I like...
Beige Bootie
cut some lace into a nice shape, and glue on!

60'' Wide Giselle Stretch Lace Floral Black Fabric By The Yard
Chicago at night from a chic rooftop lounge:
And finally...the view from my airplane window as I flew off, leaving my grown baby... to go home to my others...
 This post is dedicated to you Sara, I miss you and love you so much!
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  1. OMG, this chandelier is amazing!

  2. looks like such a wonderful trip!! your daughter's place looks fantastic and I LOVE your outfit!!! oh, and great pictures too :)

  3. My sister is moving to Chicago soon! I can't wait to visit!!

  4. Love that chalkboard! You could totally DIY that :)

    Ivory xx

  5. I want your daugthers' apartment it looks wonderful what we can see. Mom looks stunning and very fashionable and you make me dream. Due to arthritis from running for years I can't wear high heels any more...bummer. Looks like you had a fabulous time in the windy city!

  6. wow so many gorgeous pics- I would love to be in NY:D I just watched the Bill Cunningham movie!! Love it!
    xx Followed you darling :)

  7. I did something like that with a booty too! I was not trying to copy anything but I had a pair of plum colored Jessica Simpson suede booties that I felt need more. So I glued on a large black crochet flower on each one at the ankle area and it looks amazing! So many people ask me where I got them! I love your blog feel free to check out mine

  8. Sharon, looks like you had a great time. From what I see if your daughter, she has great taste like her mother! I was in Chicago only once with a girl friend and loved it. It is such a fun city. Lots of great shopping there.

  9. Luv this post, so personal. LOVE the booties with the mustard socks and bangle.

  10. Great photos! You ARE living in the real world - but you are BEAUTIFYING it (among many other contributions). What is so wrong with that?

  11. I keep seeing all these people taking trips to NYC....makes me so jealous. I want to go there again so bad!! Hope she had a great time!!

  12. Sharon it seems like you had a blast - love sara chandelier - now I want to see those boots you are making - great idea