Wednesday, November 09, 2011

One of the things I like love about blogging is getting to meet other AMAZING like minded women. I actually feel like I've became good friends with some of them, especially the dynamic Mimi Hecht of LadyMama, who's blog is such a good read, not only because of her amazing writing style, but because of her vibrant personality (which kicks even vibrant fashion any day). But wait! She also has an amazing sense of fashion and style.

Fashion is great because it enables women to express their individuality and creativity, and I'm thrilled to post Mimi's looks because they're fresh and personally her own. And that's what real fashion is! 

Here's Mimi in her own words as she describes her super creative looks:

I'm so excited that the Fashion-Isha herself has decided to feature some of my LadyMama Fall outfit inspirations!

While the lovely Sharon's look is very "divine and refined," mine is much more rustic and grungy. I am a major, major Fall person. I am freezing in Winter, sweaty (and anything but stylish) in Summer and completely bored with the florals come Spring. When October and November come around, I delight in boots and tights and vibrant Autumn hues (there are so many!). I have so much more fun with my closet—pairing and layering, oh my!—and completely come to life. When it snowed in NY a couple weeks ago, I was petrified that Winter had come before I got to dress for my beloved season!

Just like the leaves are rebellious by turning into show-stopping colors and making one last stand before they fall, so too fashion should be dictated by a lot of daring moves . So with each of my looks, I've included an autumn dare that I hope I can inspire every fashionista when choosing their fall outfits.

Autumn always comes and goes way too fast. I hope these looks inspire you to have fun with this vibrant season by pairing pieces from your closet in a way you haven't dared before!

1. An Indian Autumn
I paired an Indian-inspired sweater with a high-waisted skirt, stepped into my moccasins and braided my hair for a totally Indian look. To make sure no one thought I came straight from some "Modest Indians" retreat, I made sure to accent the look with a cropped leather jacket and my Tori Burch (ya, riiiiiight) bag.

Autumn Dare: Dare to play dress-up! Sure, fashion is not about creating costumes, but if you have a good theme, go with it! Don't be afraid to go overboard—I mean seriously, I have three Indian-inspirations going on here —you can always adjust the theme-o-meter with the right accents.

2. Autumn in a Skirt
For this outfit, I toned down everything else to draw attention to this so-totally-Fall skirt. If you took the trees outside and turned them into paint, then splatter them on a canvas,  you would get my skirt. In theme, even the movement from the pleats makes the skirt fall heavy; light and breezy would not work for a season associated with tree barks, branches and twigs (the only things my skirt is missing!). Worn with a solid brown top, cream knit tights (mmm!) and forest green boots: just call me Autumn! 

Autumn Dare: Dress exactly what Fall is known for.  People wear frosty textures in winter and don florals in summer, but somehow completely forget to get some good pieces that perfectly mimic Fall's vibrancy. So remember, don't be afraid to be daring and wear Autumn...literally!

Now join us for a perfect fall day inspired by Mimi's looks:

I'd start the day with a peaceful stroll...
Then stop for a yummy cup of coffee in my favorite flavor...
Maybe meet with some friends...
Cross some errands off my to do list...
Head home to settle in for the evening...
And be grateful for all the blessings of my day...
Thank you Mimi. I'm in awe of your Indian style...so unique! And that fall skirt...so alive with pattern and color! 

Go check out LadyMama's blog and like her Facebook page too!

Until next time...


Sharon & Mimi

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  1. oh wow, that is great inspiration. the same things i love about blogging ;-)

  2. Mimi I love those looks! Great photo shoot, too.

  3. what a great feature..LOVE those moccasins and also that skirt...the colors are SO up my alley..LOVE those fall rich colors.
    Thanks for sharing..off to check out her blog!
    Hope you are having a great week.
    Things are a little more CALM for me ..we should do starbucks soon.

  4. i love your blog. your vibe is great. would love it if oud check out mine and follow me back if you like!