Sunday, January 15, 2012

So how's your weekend going? Mine was so restful so far, and I had the wonderful opportunity to try a fabulous Shabbos* makeup product that was sent to me for review. I was so excited when I received my beautifully wrapped package, including a personal note by the owner of the innovative cosmetics boutique and website Shaindee Cosmetics.

Shaindee carries a full line a beautiful makeup and skincare products, but what makes what she does unique is that she carries an entire line of specially formulated Shabbos makeup that is halachically approved by many Rabbanim.

As you all know me well by now and you know how much I love my makeup, not being able to wear makeup on Shabbos was always so difficult for me. I never really went out of my way to do research into Shabbos makeup, rather I just embraced Shabbos as a time to not only rest my body and my soul, but also my skin. It afforded me an opportunity to learn to be natural and minimal if only for just one day.

When my friend from the Kosher Shop-a-holic contacted me about doing a review for Shaindee Cosmetics, she asked me to choose some products I would like to try. Well I'm not a fan of pale and I literally feel naked without eyeliner, so I asked to try the Shabbos bronzer and the dark grey eyeliner powder, and I surely didn't know what to expect.

So this morning when I swept the loose bronzer powder over my face I was so surprised when it not only added color, but smoothed out my discoloration and freckles as if I was wearing a light base and also added a slightly glowing highlight that made my skin look younger. I kid you not! I loved it so much that tonight, when it was NOT Shabbos and I was able to wear my regular makeup, I tried it again and didn't even need to put on more makeup!

Next, I tried the loose powder eyeliner with the beautiful flat brush that came with my kit. I couldn't believe how amazing it slid onto my lashline and created a perfect line. I was so pleasantly surprised that I proceeded to use the powder as an eyeshadow and created a subtle smoky eye.

I was so inspired from this makeup that I made my first ever video trying on my new Shaindee Cosmetic Shabbos makeup product:

Definitely check out her website to see her full line, how to apply her products and all the halachic information you might want to know about her Shabbos makeup products.

Thank you Shaindee Cosmetics!

*Shabbos is the Jewish day of rest that falls between sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. It is a special and spiritual day to rejuvinate and rest our bodies and souls and reconnect with our families. There are special laws regarding things we can and cannot do during this time that are conducive to it being a spiritual and restful day.

Until next time...

This post is not intended to paskin any halachas regarding wearing makeup on Shabbos. 

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  1. Excellent review- that makeup looks beautiful :)

    XX Kathryn

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, you are even more beautiful in real!!

  3. very good review, you have beautiful skin ;-)

  4. Beautiful Sharon, it is so good to find cosmetics that feel and look good on!

    Art by Karena

  5. Great tutorial!! I always love to find new beauty lines. Thanks for sharing!



  6. This is soo lovely and I adore that you posted your first video! Great review ;)


  7. It would be great if it was actually allowed according to Halacha! But since it isn't I will continue using my TEMTU airbrush application makeup which is SO amazingly easy to apply and looks flawless and gorgeous!!!!