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Top 5 Hot Bag Styles From the Spring-Summer Collection 2012
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Gone are the days when handbags were considered just a necessity for carrying your everyday things. Today handbags are considered important not only for the practical purpose that they serve but also for the fashion quotient that they carry with them. They have evolved to being fashion essentials and speak of your trendiness as much as your dresses, stylish wigs, accessories and footwear. The spring/summer 2012 has done adequate justice to handbags and has dared enough to experiment with new designs and colours. Here is a snippet to make you aware of what handbag you can sport this summer to ensure some serious amount of head turning:
Knitted Handbags
Knitted accessories are time tested fashion hits and handbags are no different to that. Paired with the right dress and look, knitted handbags can heighten your style quotient. Choose to carry these when you are deciding to sport a conservative or orthodox look. Proenza Schouler, D&G and Alberta Ferreti are some knitted handbag experts this season.

These are the latest trend in handbags and have literally grown from smaller ones to the larger ones that Prada, Fedni, D&G, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier showcased during spring/summer 2012. These large clutches can carry almost all of your day’s necessities while being extremely fashionable. Designers have experimented with proven matt colours and brighter hues for suiting the various purposes. Whether it is a party you are attending or going to your workplace, as long as you choose the right colour, these clutches can do wonders to your style quotient.

Shoulder Bags
These have been an evergreen range of handbags for women since time immemorial. They are widely popular for the extreme convenience that they provide to the carrier owing to the fact that you can carry it on your shoulder. In case you want to tinker with it, they can be easily carried in your hands. The spring/summer 2012 has seen designers experiment with the colours on these bags. They range from the orthodox leather colours of Hermes to the more vibrant hues of Etro and Paul Smith.

In case you are the sort who keeps losing her handbag, these provide the perfect utility and fashion solution for you. They come with a strap through which you can slip your wrist and ensure that you don’t keep losing your handbags anymore. Available in a huge range of colours and trendy and daring designs, the designers have surely not disappointed you with these in the spring/summer 2012 collection. Bottega Veneta and Erdem have come up with some unique styles that could be great trendsetters. (Click on photo to shop!)

Tiny Bags

These have been an all-time favourite in women when it comes to sporting a handbag for the right occasion. Available in a multitude of colours, shapes and designs, the spring/summer 2012 has surely made women happy with the huge choice of tiny handbags. The best thing about these handbags is you can choose to carry a simple one or choose to bedazzle it with ornamentations. Either way, they are perfect for carrying the basic necessities while keeping you in vogue. Be it Moschino or Versache, every brand has brought these bags back on vogue.
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Thus, whatever be the purpose for a handbag or your taste in fashion, designers surely have pampered you with a huge array of choices in spring/summer 2012.
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  1. love these bag trends

  2. Yowza! I comopletely swooned when I saw those D&G bags but my goodness do I like clutches haha. Oversized document bags (that happen to be insanely gorgeous) are what I think of them as... =)

    Eeli x

  3. nice post! that floral clutch is irresistable

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  4. Amazing bags!
    Thanks! Following you <3

  5. Fun post, I am a bit of a handbag nut and can never have enough. Loved seeing all the trends!

  6. I LOVE that big orange clutch! -Jessica


  7. That orange bag needs to come home to me! I just bought a bag yesterday from Michael Kors for the spring.

    I'm up in NH Sharon and the snow is coming down like crazy! The husband works in NYC and came home yesterday thankfully to beat the storm.


  8. I want lots and lots of clutches ;)

  9. I love that clutch with the BOW! Gorgeous. Those D&G bags...SWOON!

  10. I really love the clutches! I carry around clutches most places, and then keep them inside a bigger shoulder bag during work. Love all the inspiration here!

  11. Sharon, those wristlets are adorable! I love the creamy white knit bag at the top. Perfect for upcoming spring or when headed to a resort for holiday!


  12. I love the oversized clutches! They are such a perfect accessory :)


  13. Orange is such a lovely colour. Perfect for this time of year.

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