Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well, it's been another crazy week! (Hmm I've been saying that a lot these days haven't I?) In this past week alone I was involved in two major chesed (charity) events on top of some other family stuff...suffice it to say, I haven't been getting much sleep, but I'm all too happy to share some of the beautiful parts! 

 I also want to mention, yet again, how lucky I am to be friends with such an amazing group of talented women who humble and inspired me daily with all of their selfless work for others, and (as we like to say) 'freakin' amazing' talent and creativity. 

Event #1
YTT Expo
The Expo is a fundraiser for my sons' alma mater that I've been involved in for 15 years. It's a showcase of many of the local businesses and it has grown from a tiny boutique show to a full blown trade show. Although my youngest son graduated last year, I still wanted to be involved, and worked on the decor of the auction room with a team of amazing women. Our theme this year was 'Reflections' so we built a huge trifold mirror and then arranged a grouping of gorgeous white flowers in mirrored and silver vases. With just a touch of lighting we achieved the desired effect. Here's a photo of the centerpiece on instagram:
 And more...

 My friend, Chavi from Pret-a-Partee Event Planning (like her page!) was hired to set up quite a few of the booths, and as you can see  below she pulled together some of the most beautiful ones at the Expo in just a few hours!

Booths Designed by Pret-a-Partee

My other friend, Chaya, from the Bitz of Glitz (check out her website and like her page!), set up a gorgeous booth chock full of beautiful and fun accessories and jewelry. Her booth was so crowded it was hard to get any good pictures!

Me, Chavi and Chaya (Fashion-isha, Pret-a-Partee, and Bitz of Glitz)

 Event #2
Chai Lifeline Mother's Spa Evening
This past Tuesday evening we hosted one of the most incredible events I've ever been involved in. I worked on this event with my talented friend, interior designer Margalit of Margalit Lankry Design and Chavi of Pret-a-Partee, who did an absolutely amazing and gorgeous job setting up the food and just all around being there to pick up the pieces. Giving mothers who deal with the pain of illness in their families around the clock, just a few soothing hours to relax and unwind, was probably one of the biggest gifts I could give to myself. And the most amazing part? 99% of the food, products and services were donated! Here are some highlights of the event:
 Clockwise from top: 1. Chavi (Pret-a-Partee), Margalit (Margalit Lankry Designs), and Sharon (Fashion-isha). 2. The talented Meira Joselet of Meira Joselet Makeup Artist giving Moms makeup touch ups.  3. Having fun packing gift bags for the event (special thanks to Amy of Kiss and Makeup for donating samples for our bags!)
The gorgeous food and setup:

Well, that's it for now...I'm finally taking a few minutes to catch up and breath! Wishing you all an amazing day and remember, always try to keep busy with good things and you will automatically create a good life for yourself.

Until Next Time,

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  1. lucky you, this event looks amazing!!!

  2. This event looks awesome and you look beautiful!


  3. wow! beautiful events..its really amazing that you were able to have been a part in them!

  4. That mirrored booth is amazing!!! WOW to it all, especially that incredible chandy! XO brynn

  5. Good morning beautiful Sharon!

    I NEED TO GO TO AN EVENT LIKE THIS.....a spa event, SOMETHING, to wash away the winter stress of school! Oh how I love that last photo with the sparkling lights on the BLUE clothe! YOU LOOK FABULOUS and what a great way to get together with friends. Thank you for your kind words and for coming to my post. It is FRIDAY and I am happy. How about YOU?????

    ENJOY! Anita

  6. OMG the lights under the table -- amazing! And the glimpses of the chandelier in the first images....makes me want to see more!!

  7. Wow, lucky you!! Both events look amazing, and so do you!


  8. Everything looks incredible!!