The Hatzolah Event- A Lesson Learned and Green Apples Plus Winner

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey there! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. This past Wednesday night was the Hatzolah Evening of Appreciation; the fundraising event for our local EMS that I had been involved in and working on with a group of the most amazing women. In the end, the event was a true success and came together beautifully, but I do need to say that not everything went smoothly all the time.

As a matter of fact, it seemed like every few days there would be new glitches in our plans and we'd have to  regroup and 'make it work'. And I'll say this again...working with an amazing team of creative and positive people made working through the glitches not only easy but fun as well.

Looking at the photos, you would never believed that our original idea, all the way up until our booklet was printed, was to have an aqua blue and white party, using a chevron pattern. We had checked and double checked and triple checked with the graphic design team to make sure they got the color right. Then we found the perfect fabric to match for the decor of the event.

But what happened? The book went to print and came out a totally different blue than we had planned.  At first we were disappointed, but we took it all in stride. Then we realized that the the fabric would no longer match, but when we called the fabric shop, they told us that fabric was no longer in stock anyway! When they found us a new fabric with a different colorway (blue and apple green), the new fabric worked with the book cover perfectly. And we ended up loving the idea of the a blue and green together instead of just blue and white.

Our first fabric swatch:
Our book:

Our second fabric swatch:

At that point my friend Margalit Lankry of Margalit Lankry Designs (the woman behind the gorgeous centerpieces at the event) was thrilled with the change and decided to incorporate vibrant green apples into the centerpieces. Here's her first sample piece.
So, you see, it all seems so perfect now, after the fact. Although, while we were dealing with each issue, we really didn't understand why things were not going as smoothly as we had wanted them to. But with everyone's great attitude and creative spirit, it all worked out even better than we could have planned. Lesson learned? When working on a project and things don't seem like they're going your way, if you're resourceful and have a great attitude, they'll probably work out even better than you ever planned!

Here are some photos from the event. 

Do you love the idea of using green apples for decor? Here are some other great ideas:

I would also like to give a special thanks and shout out to The Purple Paperie for offering her services for our event. Although we did not end up using anything from her, she did come up with this gorgeous design that we were considering using to enhance our decor:
Definitely check out her website for all of your party paper needs!

And now we have a winner of the MUPS shoe giveaway! Congratulations to Julie from Haute Khuuture!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day,

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  1. I love it! Looks like it was succesful Im so happy :)

    ps: I was once at a bar mitzvah where everything was that green color, it was gorgeous! Its such a bright color I love it!

  2. So first of all, the decor was GORGEOUS. I wud never have been able to see the glitches and bumps along the way- it looks way too perfect.
    But also, I absolutely LOVE the apples idea. The color, the concept, just everything about it. Great work! Thanx for sharing!

  3. I love the vibrant green with the blue - it all looks so fresh and such a great idea to use apples - the food looks delicious.

  4. wow! i really love the apple green everywhere and the apples themselves. i actually love the green in the chevron better so it all worked out for the better. food looks delicious

  5. Sharon it all looks so wonderful and I love those centerpieces! Love the apple green and yes, I've used them myself. Looks like everything worked out in the end and you all ended up with a gorgeous table setting.


  6. What a beautiful event, and congrats to the winner!!


  7. It looks marvelous. I love that pretty and vinbrant!! Love the concept..fantastic work!! Wish you a super week doll :) xx

  8. Everything happens for a reason, and it appears that the green apples were the perfect new plan. Great colour combination.
    As a former event planner I will advise to always have a plan B....a plan C and maybe a trick in your pocket.

  9. It looked incredible! I love it when "mistakes" end up being even better than the original idea :) xoxo

  10. Sharon,

    Things always have a way of coming together and given your extraordinary team, I am not surprised to see what a success your event was. Gorgeous fabric and color choices. Thanks for sharing!


  11. Hi Sharon! I love that color of green and the addition of it in your scheme brought some pretty brightness to the whole plan ... very spring! Gosh, that room has beautiful architecture! And the cake looks gorgeous with the little buttons going down the side! Congratulations on the success of the event!

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: Summer Girl

  12. Everything looks gorgeous!! I love all the details, they add so much

  13. Everything looks gorgeous!! I love all the details, they add so much