Wedding Season and Wedding Inspiration Wednesday

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If you follow my Facebook page (and you should!), you would know that every week on Wednesdays, I post some fun and glamorous inspirations for wedding attire. Well, now that it's officially wedding season, and I've received requests to help people who are desperately seeking stylish and modest gown inspirations for weddings of relatives and friends, I decided to dedicate an entire post to wedding fashion. Here I have included gowns, hair accessories and even some dresses for girls! We've got your wedding fashion covered!

But first, on a side note (and speaking of Facebook), although I had this feeling for quite some time, today I officially discovered that Facebook only shows some of my statuses from my Fashion-isha page to only about 11 to 20 percent of my Facebook fans. And not only that, as of today, Facebook actually asked me to PAY to get my statuses shown to a larger percentage of my own fans. Well if you are a blogger or business owner who has worked hard to get your following, you'll understand how frustrated and upset this made me feel. Yes I understand that it may be impossible to show every status to every fan just because of the sheer volume of statuses being posted; but to take advantage of us who work hard to earn our following and try to charge us money to show our statuses to our very own followers, well it's a little disconcerting. If you're a blogger or business owner and you're not happy about this, please comment here if you have any ideas of how we can contact Facebook and let them know that we are not happy about this. Meanwhile, why not go over to twitter and follow me there ;)

OK now back to glorious WEDDING fashion!

Simple sheath + feather shawl = Dramatic glamour!
 Can't find a gown that you love? Try a fabulous skirt with a coordinating top for a unique and fabulous look.

 This Net-A-Porter ad portrays Mother and Daughter models in two very distinct and beautiful wedding looks.
 The Cannes Film Festival was home to some of the most beautiful gowns for wedding inspiration!
 Do you like your fashion a bit edgy? Here's something different:
 Here's proof (again!) that you CAN wear a shell under a strapless gown!
 Duchess Catherine is a prime example of 'divine and refined' (follow my facebook page for DAILY D&R looks). When wearing all white, silver is the perfect accent color.
 Are you a classicist? Here's a look you will love!
 White is obviously THE color of the season. If you like a little excitement with your white try a mega statement necklace and/or a gorgeous head piece. 
 As in the previous photo, a jacket over your gown is a fresh way to update your look and bring the formal factor down a notch.
 The sheath dress is the silhouette of the season and using fabulous textures and fabrics is what makes each style so different and exciting.
  Origami in fashion is not a matter of fact it can be so chic!
 This is one of my favorites, the subtle color, pattern and texture is simply fabulous.
Sheer, ethereal lace in angelic white or pastel is spot on for the wedding trend du jour...I would prefer these gowns with a bit more lining though...

 Here are three classic style than can copied with sleeves. I personally would even wear these with a fitted shell underneath (as seen above, it's perfectly OK to do so).  The one on the left is by far my favorite! Which style do you like the best?
For those of you who simply want to wear something simpler and shorter, here are three unique dresses that portray several of this season's trends: floral, modern and graphic.
Whether you prefer simple or over-the-top, do create something amazing with your hair!
Check out these great pieces available from Ruti Horn for you wedding hair fashion:
And you can like her Facebook page HERE! She has great stuff!

Oh! And are you looking for fabulous wedding fashion for your little princess as well? You must check out Little White Dress by Rakelle....she carries a stunning collection of perfectly stylish gowns for your little one. 
Here are some of my favorites from her page!

Go LIKE her Facebook Page to be entered to win $100 towards your first purchase!!

Whatever style you decide on, make sure you have fun with your fashion, and never be afraid to express your personality!

So in summary, here is your cheat sheet for the basic trends for this wedding season: 
1. White and light
2. Sheath styling
3. Lace and sheer
4. Metallics
5. Statement necklaces and head wear

And if you liked this post, remember that I post Wedding Inspiration Wednesday looks weekly on my Facebook page!

Please feel free to send me photos of your outfits to may be the next Divine and Refined look featured on my Facebook and Twitter pages!

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  1. great inspiration love the head pieces

  2. Sharon I adore all of these gorgeous fashions, simply stunning choices!!

    Last 2 days...Do come and see my interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and enter to win her Fabulous Book!

    Art by Karena

  3. Great post - While I'm not getting married (yet.. haha), I never would have thought of a maxi skirt and top combo!

  4. I adore all of these, hard to choose one :) Beautiful choices..I love the really long dresses :) x

  5. We're ready to walk down the aisle all over again! Thanks for stopping by The Buzz and we're off to ready more of your lovely blog.
    C + C

  6. Hello Sharon,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my latest blogpost! Me too I am glad I have found your beautiful blog now! Nice to hear that you love Belgium.
    I love the Jimmy Choo sandals here!! I am a shoe aholic!

  7. Ugh... Facebook. I honestly still hate the new layout. Love the shell under the strapless gown.. who knew? xoxo

  8. Ugh... Facebook. I honestly still hate the new layout. Love the shell under the strapless gown.. who knew? xoxo

  9. Great post Sharon as usual! - loving the gold maxi sweater combo and all the pretty full on lace dresses!

    Happy Wedding Wed!
    and I wouldn't sweat the Facebook issue to much...

  10. So amazing photos Sharon....thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Such fabulous wedding inspiration! And so timely too. I have so many weddings this summer. Thanks for the great ideas. Also, that's crazy about FB. So frustrating!

    Hope you're having a great week :) xoxo

  12. Some great inspiration. I love the Oscar de la Renta look with the metallic knit worn over the dress. So chic!

  13. Lovely and gorgeous gown...
    Sharon I hope you resolve your problem with Facebook!!!
    Sonia xo

  14. We're in the throws of wedding planning for my lil' sis! J'adore those headpieces!

  15. I so much love these wedding styles.
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog.

    - Maudleen

  16. Hi! I'm a new follower, number 400! Loving your blog. Stunning selections! xx

  17. What beautiful eye candy! Thanks for this beautiful post!

  18. Oh Lord nearly everything is amazing dear!

    Want to have all these dresses <3

    x the cookies

  19. ugh...this is the third time I have heard this today...I haven't had the "pay for posts" thing come up on my screen yet...but that STINKS! I have spent the last two years working so hard at my blog and biz to gain that think more than half of them aren't seeing my tips and trends each week. ARGH!
    On a lighter note...beautiful dresses prettier than the next. Hope you had a great holiday weekend.

  20. great wedding inspiration...but can you do a post on where to actually buy gowns that are divine and refined?

  21. wauw all beautiful pictures, i love them all (:

  22. The top & skirt combo on the left is AMAZING. what i wouldnt do for a skirt like that....

  23. So pretty Sharon! Fun Mother/Daughter look and I like the classic designs. The little girl is so sweet. So much to choose from!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE the silver skirt and top ... so flowy and glamorous! Just beautiful and I agree that this would be a beautiful choice for a change-up in place of a traditional wedding gown. And, Sharon, I hadn't heard about this facebook thing of them wanting to charge us ... I have a business facebook and you're right, how irritating ... we do all the hard work of getting a great following and then they hold a carrot out that we can have only if we pay. SO unfair and there certainly MUST be another way ... I haven't looked into Google Plus but this is making me consider it. Irritating to the extreme! On another note, thanks for stopping by this week, love, and look forward to chatting more about your illustration whenever you're ready! xoxo

    Sandy M ~ Ooh La Frou Frou

  25. My number one pick to wear for a formal right now would be Elie Sabb.
    Elegant and feminine .

  26. Wow this is some serious fashion! Love it all!!

  27. Nice post! All the dresses are so beautiful :) Love the classic dresses.

  28. Very thorough! Thanks for breaking down the major trends at the end!

  29. Great fashions!!! Wish I had a wedding to attend this summer! :)

    I'll just have to come up with a fun occasion to get dressed up!!

    Especially love the little girl dresses!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  30. Amazing round up of fabulous fashions! Love the first black one...wish I had it to wear to a black tie this weekend! I am going to a Cape Cod wedding this summer, so you've got me thinking! BTW, your smile is gorgeous...insanely beautiful!

  31. So many gorgeous images here. Love the silver skirt and top!!

  32. i love this post! i just love wedding fashion when done right. the gold skirt (and also the black skirt) are a great idea for wedding attire, I wouldn't have really thought of golding for a long pleated skirt paired with a light sweater! now only if i had wedding to go to.... also love heidi klum's white dress, absolutely stunning and not to mention sparkly!