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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If you love parties, flowers or just pretty things, you are going to love this post!

When I recently found BE Group TLV I was really excited to do a collaboration featuring their boutique event company and I was completely blown away by the gorgeous artistry and attention to detail of Be-Israel's work in planning the perfect wedding or event for those of you who dream of the perfect celebration in Israel.

Sure you've see weddings like these in magazines. But in Israel, where the standards are usually a little more low key, finding someone to help you plan a glamorous boutique event or wedding may have a been a little more difficult...until now!

Want to learn more? Here's a little information about Be-Israel, as described on their website:

"BE Group TLV is a tailored event coordination and production service based in Israel for clients looking to hold their special day in Israel. Our one-stop-shop for all of your event related needs ensures that you have everything covered. We provide a personalized, detailed planning guide for our clients outlining options, estimated fees and recommended vendors in each category and highlighting considerations specific to each event. We are committed to fulfilling our clients’ needs, budgets and expectations and give full attention to the finest of details ensuring that every event leaves an excellent impression on our clients and their guests. Our team is passionate about events and is constantly seeking new ideas, venues and trends. We believe that excellence is the key to success."

Here, Lisa gives a little background about her company:

        "BE Group TLV was set up by two partners: myself (originally from London, bilingual in English and Hebrew and with an extensive legal background) and Alon, Israeli, who comes from the property development and business world. I manage customer liaisons in English as well as the legal binding of vendors to ensure that our clients receive what they’ve actually agreed with the vendors (no small feat in Israel!) and Alon negotiates with the vendors in Hebrew as well as overseeing financials and logistics and the setup of events. Together we manage the team of event planners. The reason for creating the business was to provide an alternative to the run-of-the-mill weddings generally available in Israel and provide a chic, upmarket and individually tailored alternative for clients looking to get married in Israel with the same standard of event and customer service they are accustomed to from overseas. The large majority of our clients are from English speaking countries and we are fully capable of providing an efficient and reliable answer to those looking to arrange a beautiful long distance wedding without compromising on any of their wishes or desires.

Our added bonuses are: a genuinely bilingual team, equally familiar with both cultures; on site supervision of between two and three planners on the day itself who are present at each of our events; a little black book packed with the hottest and most stylish venues, top caterers and most exceptional florists. A premium vendor list, all pre-vetted and tried and tested, excellent vendor relationships which allow us to negotiate beneficial packages for our customers, all clients are provided with detailed wedding schedules and timelines, budget breakdowns, lawyer approved vendor agreements as well unlimited access to their designated planner. We provide supervision of every step of the planning process, start to finish on-site supervision of the event itself and management of all vendor meetings. In short, an efficient and professionally run service which provides a completely headache free experience in  a market fraught with potential headaches."

Now for the fun part! Take a look at some of BE Group TLV's work:




So if you live in Israel and have always dreamt of a fabulous boutique style wedding, or you live here and dream of celebrating your event in Israel, get in touch with: BE Group TLV!  Email Lisa at

And if not, you can still get inspired for your own fabulous wedding or event by these glamorous photos and creative ideas on event decor and floral design by Be Israel. So thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and company with us!

Don't forget to like BE Group TLV on FACEBOOK too, you will love looking at their photos!

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  1. Sharon,

    Nothing like beautiful wedding decor to bring out the romance in us all. These photographs are stunning! Thanks for sharing.


  2. oh! love it!


  3. i'm in the process of planning my own wedding, so I'm searching for inspiration everywhere. And these photos are simply stunning! Such a clean, neat and glamorous design, I must pin them all :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  5. These photos are amazing. I've never been to a jewish wedding so I've only seen a chupah on TV in platinum weddings. They're always gorgeous.

  6. Thank you for sharing these absolutely gorgeous images!
    I could not resist and 'Like' their page!
    Have a fabulous weekend Sharon...
    Sonia xo

  7. So beautiful and I love the use of all white! That is how my big day was and I love it!! So chic :)


  8. They are beyond talented! LOVE the 1st event and the wedding with the city as the backdrop. xo

  9. Shockingly beautiful weddings!!!! What a find!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sharon!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  10. Simply gorgeous!!! I love wedding setups like these.

  11. thank you sharon! while my next event is over a year from now, my little perfectionista is busy planning away... while we've been very lucky (and careful) in choosing special venues with very professional staff to work with, it's always good to have another resource on hand. whether your party is on the mediterranean at sunset, overlooking the twinkling nighttime tel aviv skyline, or nestled in the middle of an orange grove, you'd be amazed at how upscale and unique things have gotten here and this one looks like a keeper!