Introducing MaRa-Modest-Fashion that's truly Fabulous

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This post is long overdue. I had heard about this fabulous new line of modest dresses back in March. Marina, a talented designer from L.A. has been designing beautiful dresses for a while and recently launched an exclusive line for the divine and refined woman who seeks modest dresses that are just as fabulous as any other haute couture fashion line. What she aspired to do was to make affordable high fashion accessible to those who want a bit more coverage without having to add shells under their dresses.

I was excited to work together with Marina because when she sent me photos of her designs I instantly fell in love with her creativity in fashion and knew these would be dresses I 'd love to wear. She recently sent me one of her gorgeous dresses, truly a work of art, and it was so fun sporting it on a recent trip to the New York City.

My friend, Sarah of Kosher Street fame and now The Patchke Princess, was kind enough to lend her photographic talents to the cause and take some fun city photos of me in the dress:

The dress fit me like a glove and was super comfortable. I added my own belt and accessorized with modern silver jewelry and Louboutin espadrilles. The length was several inches below the knee and still completely not frumpy. Wearing this dress was just an easy and super stylish way to look fabulous!

Marina tells us a little bit about herself and her line here:

     "I grew up in Israel and moved to L.A. 5 years ago to study fashion. I always loved art and everything related to it and my parents encouraged that a lot and even send me to Italy for an art trip so I could visit all the museums I read about. While I was in the military (I was an English teacher) I took fashion sketching and sewing classes, and a month after being done with my service I moved to LA for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising)

I decided to start the modest dress line called MaRa after my Babuska, who was very refined and loving, after hearing from friends and family how challenging it is to find cute dresses that are also Tznius (modest). I noticed that girls buy beautiful summer or cocktail dresses and wear shells and under skirts underneath. With my line, all the dresses are one piece, and no layering is necessary.

I believe and know from experience that when you look good, you feel good and having that kind of confidence really changes the way a girl carries herself. My dresses are flattering, trendy and modern.

It is also very important for me to use light, "breathing" and comfortable fabrics. I mostly use knits, silks and linens.

All the dresses and skirts are made in L.A. and I'm open to adjustments- If a client wants her sleeves a bit longer or shorter - I can do that. Same with the knees and neck.

The price points are $100-250, depending on the fabric."

Here are some more MaRa dress styles:

It's really exciting when a truly talented designer takes the time to create dresses for the real woman who wants to look stylish and still remain modest.  LIKE MaRa on Facebook  HERE!
Until next time,

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  1. You look amazing Sharon and so does your dress. Nice to read about a talented designer who also makes clothing at reasonable prices and without showing the goods.

    Enjoy your Fourth!

  2. Sharon, you look stunning {as always}. The dress looks great with the belt and of course your toned figure.

  3. You look so gorgeous, Sharon. LOVE the photos. her dresses are very sweet. I am in love with the white one. Happy 4th to you and your family. Enjoy! xo

  4. Sharon, you look so beautiful in that dress! I love the concept behind this line... it is so hard to find a modest dress that isn't frumpy at the same time. I want to show my shape, but I don't want to show cleavage. So I love this!!!!
    Great post!

  5. The print on this dress is gorgeous and so are you!!


  6. you look fab as always, Sharon! Love your hair!

  7. you look beautiful best of all your smile ;-))

  8. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. You look absolutely stunning in that dress. And I like how you paired it with your belt, it goes perfectly.
    Hope you have a happy 4th!


  9. wow that dress is wonderful on you!!!


  10. The dress looks amazing on you and exactly the style of one I'd buy! Great blog and I will definitely check out these amazing dresses. They are fashion forward yet modest/refined, comfortable, and well priced for what you get! What more can you ask for??

  11. Did you recently dye your wig? It looks different--is that just the lighting, or is the bottom blond-ish?

  12. mommmyy i want the flower dress okaayy thnku yayay blog

  13. Sharon, you look beautiful! The dress is amazing on you! XO

  14. oh you look fabulous in that dress, I love the designs! thank you so much for sharing :)

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