What To Wear When You're Expecting by the Bellabusta Herself, Guest Blogger Elisheva Blumberg Plus Marmalade Hills Product Reviews and GIVEAWAY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm so excited to have Elisheva from Bellabusta back here again. Elisheva is an amazing blogger, who took a break from blogging when she became pregnant...and she has truly been missed! Often I get emails with suggestions for blog posts, and one recurring request is to do a post on maternity dressing. Staying stylish while expecting can be challenging so I automatically thought of Elisheva, and called on her to guest blog based on her experience during this special time. I am so excited to share her post with you, so sit back for a few minutes and enjoy!

Elisheva says,

"The hardest part about being pregnant is the morning sickness... I mean the constant leg cramps... no, wait, it's definitely the overwhelming fatigue and discomfort of having your belly swell to a point where it seems it's going to actually burst. Um... actually, I forgot about the part of having nothing to wear.
Hmm, let me start again. If you've ever been pregnant you're certainly aware of all its accompanying challenges. (Of course you'll also be aware of the miracle it is to create a child, which makes everything worth it in the end!) So while this post is about being fashionable while pregnant, let's keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to feel good physically and emotionally.
In other words: If you're feet are killing you, don't force them into killer heels. If you're about to collapse from the summer heat, don't add a cute cardigan to your outfit (no matter how fab it may be). And if you have an intense craving for a Milky Way bar, go for it, despite the fact that you've already had one today. (Is it overly obvious that I'm speaking from personal experience??)
I'm currently in my 8th month of pregnancy and to say that getting dressed up at this point is a challenge is an understatement. But there are a few things that I've learned along the way that help.

  • Color is your friend - but only when used strategically. When you want to dress to flatter your figure (whether pregnant or not) remember the principle that light colors make something stand out, while dark ones send an area to the background. So... although white or pastel tops can work for early pregnancy, when you're feeling huge you'll definitely want to go darker for your shirt. You can also consider color-blocking where you have bright colors in your arm area, shoulders, etc. while the darker colors are on your belly. Color can really enhance your mood and total look, so do add some brights to your outfits with skirts, shoes or accessories.
  • Consider your natural body shape. Even though all pregnant women have a roughly similar rounded shape, there are still so many body differences to take into account when dressing in flattering maternity styles. For example, if you're pear-shaped, you'll want to steer clear of maxi dresses and other silhouettes where there is no demarcation between your upper and lower body.                                                                                              In other words: if you pair a billowing dress with a big belly and a curvy bottom, you'll look a lot bigger than you actually are! Try wearing somewhat fitted tops instead of voluminous dresses (and make sure your shirts taper in the back to show you have a shape!) And if you are more top-heavy, a more streamlined look with long dresses or fitted skirts will make you look smaller.
  • Accessories rock! Dressing during pregnancy is more about simple and classic shapes, rather than trying out new clothing trends. BUT you can have fun and look fantastic when you experiment with accessories. Go for playful details and high heels (if you can handle them!) It will make you feel great and dress up a simple outfit.
When putting together this evening maternity outfit I focused on great details and a lively and rich color palette, while keeping the overall silhouette very basic and flattering for a pregnant shape. Gorgeous!
Maternity Evening
This outfit was inspired by the sweltering summer heat which can be unbearable during pregnancy (this is my first time being pregnant in the summer and although I've always heard about how tough hot-weather pregnancies are, I never really believed it would feel, soo,...hot.) I love this wraparound dress because it has a casual elegance about it, and looks like it lets you breathe! Also, you'll notice the accessories really make the outfit. Oh, and don't think the bag choice is just random. A small crossbody bag is a great choice because you won't have to lug it around. When expecting, especially in the summer, it's vital that you carry a small purse with only the essentials (your body is carrying enough as it is!)

Summer Maternity
So remember - when you're expecting, taking care of yourself and your growing baby is priority #1! Looking good is definitely a wonderful thing though, and you know what they say... when you look good you'll (hopefully) feel better too!"

Thanks Elisheva! I totally agree with you on that last statement. Now for our product reviews and giveaway, Elisheva who has interned during her studies at F.I.T. for some amazing beauty companies, secured some fabulous samples from the natural beauty company Marmalade Hills for both of us to try.

Here is Elisheva's review:

   "One of the most wonderful things about being a blogger is having the opportunity to discover small, niche brands and try some AMAZING products that I otherwise may have not have had a chance to experience. Sharon and I are really excited to share a natural, artisanal brand of skincare products called Marmalade Hills which we reviewed together AND give one of you the opportunity to win an amazing bundle of Marmalade Hills facial products!
Marmalade Hills is a Michigan-based skincare company that creates safe, natural and all-around delicious products face and body products for the whole family (they seriously have the sweetest baby care products! http://marmaladehills.com/shopview/baby/5/1).
Now there are countless companies that purport to contain all-natural and healthy ingredients, but many of them are not being completely honest about what’s actually in the products. Marmalade Hills, on the other hand, really does use “the good stuff” in their products. Case in point: Their Rose Facial Fusion toner, which they sent me to review, is a stunning mixture of waters and natural extracts like lavender, rose, lemongrass and green tea. I also sent the Pink Grapefruit Makeup Remover and Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash and was honestly blown away by the refreshing grapefruit scent (which is from natural pink grapefruit essential oil, by the way, and not any synthetic fragrances). I was also really pleased the effectiveness of the makeup remover. Because it was natural, I assumed it wouldn’t take off my eye makeup, but it did a great job at removing all of my makeup residue. "

Here is my review:

I was sent totally different products than Elisheva. I received the strawberry fig nourishing facial masque and the glow rejuvinating facial serum and since I'm a bit older than Elisheva, I was really excited to try something new, because at my age I am always searching for new products to maintain my skin and slow the aging process. I mixed the pretty pink masque powder with some warm water and applied it all over my face and neck. It smelled really natural and earthy, like a friend had mixed up a homemade mask for me. After a few minutes it tightened up and after about 15 minutes I removed the mask and was left with really clean skin and glowing face. I noticed immediately that my pores were smaller and my skin was more even toned. Afterwards I applied the glow rejuvenating serum, which to my delight felt like a light oil and was so soothing to my skin after the tightening of the mask. I loved the natural lavender smell that reminded me of an expensive spa. Now my skin is glowing and I feel really clean and pretty without any makeup on. I would definitely use this weekly!

Now you can win your own delicious Marmalad Hills products!!

The winner of the giveaway will receive: (Total Value - $63)
Lavender lip balm (http://marmaladehills.com/productview/Lavender_Lip_Balm/2/123/1)
 Pink Grapefruit makeup remover (http://marmaladehills.com/productview/Pink_Grapefruit_Makeup_Remover/2/169/1)
Pink Grapefruit facial wash (http://marmaladehills.com/productview/Pink_Grapefruit_Gentle_Facial_Wash/2/168/1)
Rose facial fusion (http://marmaladehills.com/productview/Rose_Facial_Fusion/2/62/1)
Strawberry Fig masque (http://marmaladehills.com/productview/Strawberry_Fig_Facial_Masque/2/70/1)

Like Marmalade Hills on FACEBOOK!
Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next time,

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  1. Hi--I love masques! I would really like to try the strawberry-fig masque. Currently I use Ahava's mud mask & it would be fun to compare them.

  2. Great giveaway & guest post! Lovely tips :)

  3. Figs AND pink grapefruit sound wonderful to me! lol ... seriously, I'd love to try the wonderful-sounding natural skincare items. I think the mask would be a great one to try! I follow Fashion-isha on twitter and on gfc ;) Thanks for such a lovely guest post and and to both of you for the great giveaway!

    ~ Illustrator Sandy M

  4. OMG, i freakin loved the interview and the whole post!!!I am planning to get pregnant in the next 2-3 years and like any fashion freak- i am dreading it(in a sartorial way of course!:))Stylish and pregnant-hard, very hard...but not impossible! Considering that I enjoy food almost as much as fashion I think i will get huuuuge and that will be it for my pregnant swag!:)
    Great blog and post, I really liked your comment about K Kardasian of Fifis blog!!!


  5. Sharon,

    What girl wouldn't enjoy these lovely natural skin care products!? I'm sure they smell amazing a feel so good on the skin.

    Wonderful interview. It's amazing how the styles have changed since I was pregnant which is starting to feel like a life-time ago! Lol!

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


  6. Th facial wash and makeup remover sound amazing! Probably smell great too!

  7. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I would love to try the Pink Grapefruit Makeup Remover.

  8. more than happy to follow back!!!
    see you again soon!!!
    kisses from vancouver!


  9. i'm definitely entering! the strawberry fig facial masque looks divine. the body washes look amazing!

  10. Great post!

    New follower :)

    Love from NYC,

  11. This is such a great post!!!! I must enter the giveaway because those products look divine ;)


  12. I would love the Glow Facial Serum -- sounds like something I could use! :)

  13. Great post and giveaway!

  14. I would love to try these natural products

  15. I would love to try these natural products

  16. Wow....this is the most fabulous collection I've seen for baby bumpers. You really nailed it Sharon!


  17. very cute article!


  18. The peacock colors with the hot pink is so edgy, love it!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I would love to see posts on Fashion-Isha about how to stay fabulous (or more likely, get back to fabulous) through multiple pregnancies! I gather from your posts you have a handful of children. I, for one, do not loose weight through nursing (I actually gain), and I revere women who regain their figures after having children. Please share how you did it! Did you loose between each child or wait until after those years were over? Id love details from fabulous women who have been through it and somehow came out looking and feeling wonderful. Any chance you remember those years well enough to walk us through it?!?

  20. Nowhere near being pregnant but those looks are super cute!

  21. This is such an awesome giveaway!!! Honestly, I'd take pretty much all of these products, but especially the face masks - they sound so invigorating! On the Marmalade Hills website, though, the facial cleaners travel duo sounds lovely, and perfect for travelling!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    - Laura S / Sparks Ignite

  22. I am originally a Bellabusta follower and only found Fashion-Isha through her :) but im loving following both of you now :)

  23. I am originally a Bellabusta follower and only found Fashion-Isha through her :) but im loving following both of you now :)

  24. These all dresses are looking so cool and stylish... i will diffidently recommend this to every one...