A Rosh Hashana Menu From Mix & Match by Breezy's

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before I got to really know Breezy, the owner of the the wonderful kosher culinary boutique, Breezy's, of Cedarhurst, New York, I was introduced to her shop by my friend Michal Weinstein (graphic designer at MLWDesign).  I loved Breezy's concept of a cooking store that included workshops and cooking classes, plus parties too! Back then I wrote a post about Breezy's and you can read it HERE.

Since then we became friends, and I'm excited to share Breezy's new cookbook called Mix & Match with you.  I'm an extremely visual and creative person, and the first thing I noticed, when I received my copy,  was that it's so pretty and fun. And to me cooking does not equal pretty or fun! With it's lusciously hued and deliciously designed layout, Breezy created a cookbook that I was actually excited to leaf through. And when I did, I saw that the recipes were basic, easy and so creative...the perfect combination for the woman who wants to really enjoy her time in the kitchen.

The cookbook starts with a wonderful Challah recipe and ends with a pretty entertainment guide, full of  cool tips like getting kids to listen to you at parties and the proper way to set your table. Mix & Match is the perfect cookbook for the woman who's just starting to cook, or for the seasoned cook who just wants to go back to basics and have a little fun in the kitchen.

And why is the book called Mix & Match? Because every recipe in the book has a fun way to alternately use the ingredients or recipe for or with something else, which really adds to the element of fun in the kitchen. There are also surprise pages featuring cool tips and useful information that any cooking woman will get a kick out of, like creative salad ideas and pasta descriptions and pairings.

Since Rosh Hashana is coming up, I decided to create a delicious Yom Tov menu to share with you using some recipes from Mix & Match.  To create this menu, I simply started from the back of the book and used the fun index that lists each recipe with a clear photo icon next to it to choose my appetizers, mains,  sides, and finally desserts. Enjoy!

Rosh Hashana Menu:

Traditionally we use apples and carrots in our menus for this holiday so I included a couple of recipes featuring these foods.


Breezy's Homemade Challa (pg. 15)

Turkey Salad (pg. 67) in Edible Bowl (pg. 35) 


Honey Mustard Veal (pg. 95)

Chicken Skewers (pg. 103)


Vegetable Rice (pg. 91)

Garlic Green Beans (pg. 125)


Apple Sundaes (pg. 203)

Carrot Muffins (pg. 131)

It truly was easy to mix and match the recipes to create this delicious Rosh Hashana menu. Now for the recipes...well you need to order the cookbook!

Click HERE to pre-order your fun and fabulous Mix & Match cookbook by Breezy Schwartz!

I'd also love if you'd leave a comment here and share some of your great menu or recipe ideas for the holidays, let's help each other make the time spent cooking in the kitchen fun and creative!

Next up: Your survival guide for shopping at stores like H&M and Forever 21 and coming out looking like you shopped at Saks.


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  1. What a lovely cookbook We have quite a collection in my house. My mom worked with many jewish ladies so she received many wonderful recipes which we still enjoy today. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. Sharon,

    Wonderful menu here! I love the traditions of your holidays and the food is always delicious :)


  3. Hi, lovely Sharon! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes ... always such a treat to see you've stopped by! I love to entertain for family and what a yummy menu ... love the idea of Mix and Match in this cookbook too ... looks like it's unique and easy (both wonderful things!) Wishing you a beautiful holiday, sweets! xoxo ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  4. Thanks for sharing! I will have to check this out :)


  5. That looks amazing, wonderful menu :))) Enjoy so much learning these things :)) xx

  6. Breezy's cooking store sounds wonderful - we definitely need something like that here! Mix and match is something that I appreciate, sounds like an amazing cook book!

  7. Hi Shannon!

    What a fun idea this recipe box! INspiring since I have not been able to finish my cook book yet(:
    You always inspire....
    hugs Z

  8. I love Breezy and her new cookbook is awesome. Can't wait to get my own copy. Shanah Tovah!

  9. Everything looks so yummy! Especially the apple sundaes!! xo

  10. mmmm..I may need to get that cookbook. My fiance would love it!

  11. This sounds like a wonderful menu and I am always interested in hearing what you'll be serving to your family during the holidays.

  12. This cookbook looks fabulous, and now I'm hungry!! :)


  13. Shaha Tova Sharon....love these goodies!!