Adea: Italian Made Luxury Basics You Won't Be Able to Dress Without

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Getting dressed always begins with the basics. That first layer is probably the most important wardrobe staple for creating the many comfortable and super chic outfits we all need to come up with every day while maintaining our desire for both refinement and style.

Although the layering trend is key to those who prefer a more modest mode of dressing, it's also a super chic trend that has been spotted on various runways and print ads (see below). Lots of people prefer a more conservative mode of dressing, especially for work, and even some celebs enjoy covering up to avoid 'over exposure'. So having a great source for these wardrobe building basics is really important to most fashionable women. That's where adea come in!

Adea is a fine collection of Italian-made luxury basics, in fabulous fabrics, for the equally fabulous women. Each piece comes in a variety of colors and styles and are all made from a long-lasting, breathable Italian fabric that keeps you comfortable all day. I'm actually wearing my three quarter length sleeved crew neck right now and it's probably one of the most comfortable pieces I've ever owned. Today started out chilly and the silky material kept me nice and warm; but then as the day warmed up I was surprised that the material breathed and kept me cool and comfortable as well. All the adea pieces are also machine washable and air dry beautifully which make them perfect for traveling too!

Some of the many styles adea products come in are crew necks...
and they even have a skirt!

There are also slips, camisoles, bodysuits...the list goes on. 
Check out and receive 25% off your first order (until Dec. 31, 2012) with my special discount code 'LAYERS'. 
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  1. Their pieces are really lovely! They look comfortable and stylish.

  2. I'm going to have a look into these. I don't mind layering but I have sensitive skin so the bottom most layer needs to be super comfortable! Thanks for sharing lovely xoxox

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  3. I think I DO NEED a few Shannon, that is alwasy what I am looking for in my closet and don't really have much just tank tops to layer under my blouses and sweaters or cardigans, it is really needed in colder weather and they look sexy, which is not to be said about many layering pieces out there, so perhaps that is an explanation why I only have a few .... as I don't like them looking these italiian ones seem to be the thing .....thanks for finding this...I am browsing them now(:
    hugs Z

  4. Nice! I buy most of my basics in H&M because in Belgium we don't have that much of a choice. My problem is that H&M's white shirt are always transparent, I don't really like to show what I have under need!

  5. I agree! Every great wardrobe is founded on basics ;)


  6. I think well made basics are a must in every woman's closet. Thanks for the intro to Adea.

    Have a great weekend Sharon!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. I like your blog :) I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]

  8. Thanks for sharing this great brand with us's surely worth looking into! Missing you lately in my blog!!



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