From Room to Groom...Darker Days

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The darkest days of the year will soon be upon us, and I know for myself and many others, that these shorter days and their lack of sunlight can wreck havoc on our moods and energy levels. I've learned over the years, though, that sometimes you just have to go with it.  Because honestly, trying to 'fight it' drains too much darn energy.

That's why I try to embrace that feeling of coziness that comes with the tendency to hibernate during this time of year. I make sure that during the day I get in some exercise, some friend time, and some me time. I try to eat super healthy and drink my vitamins (vitamin water zero with electrolytes does wonders for a cloudy brain). But no matter what I do, towards the end of the day, I'm literally ready to get into pajamas and get cozy at home.

And speaking of a cozy home...would you ever consider painting your walls black (or any dark color)? Well, I did...and I love it! Contrary to popular opinions, dark walls can expand your space and create a wonderfully rich and glamorously enveloping feeling that's perfect for nesting during this time of year. Take a look:

I say, when the darkness arrives...go for darker, just do it glamorously. Here are some other ways to infuse your world with beautiful darkness:

Choose a deep rich color for your lips...

And go for glossy dark nails...

Now's also the perfect time to rock those shiny black shoes with opaque hose!
So would you paint your walls (or nails) black? Tell me what you do to make yourself feel good during the darker days.

Until next time,
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  1. Nice interior and thanks for comments

    Follow me back I can't find ur follows

  2. Beautiful inspiration... I hope you enjoyed your weekend ;)


  3. Several years ago I painted a bathroom black. The walls and cabinets were painted in a midnight charcoal shade and the ceiling was a light ice blue shade. With white fixtures and counter the black was dramatic not dark. I added a sparkly chandelier, crisp white and ice blue towels and white sheers from ceiling to floor to add drama at the tub/shower area.
    I loved it and I'm considering doing it in a powder room again soon.

  4. Hi Sharon, very well said! I find dark colours very calming and sensual and how sexy are those lips!!!!! (:
    Such weather and such mood enhancing colours are very stimulating to relaxation by the fire .... With a good reading material. I promise I won't fight the weather as you order... Hugs z

  5. Great ideas, I would consider painting my walls black, however my drapes are that shade so it would become too much like a basement, lol.

  6. I would definitely paint my nails black. Chanel does the best black polish (in my humble opinion), even their purples and blues are gorgeous. I'm not sure if I'd do the walls black, I love the way natural light looks against white walls way too much :)

  7. wow those rooms look stunning! and I'm so obsessing over that lip color!

  8. I love black walls, so wonderful! I might paint my hallway or another room black, it's glamorous and cosy indeed :) Hope you are well doll and have a wonderful week :) xox

  9. LOVE, LOVE that mirror, absolutely stunning!
    Gorgeous selection of images...beautiful darkness...
    have a great week, Sharon.

  10. what i usually do is take advantage of the cool weather and wear black tights! i'm a lover of classy colors, so you can guess how much i enjoy darker days :) gray, black, beige, brown...

    of course i would paint my nails with black nail polish, i love it!!


  11. We have a plummy-grey dining room that is cozy and glows, esp with candle light! It's dark but I love it! I REALLY want to stain my floors dark but my hubby is not in favor of that.

    Agreed 100% - we have to embrace the darker days as best we can; they help us appreciate spring/summer (and be thankful we don't live in places like Minnesota and Montana where winter lasts longer). I love your ideas. Reminds me to take out my red soled heels more this winter (paired with black tights and a chunky sweater). Louboutins are part of any winter-survival kit if you ask me!!

  12. I'm absolutely with you on the 'go darker' if doing it! I do love a deep contrast, but haven't brought myself to doing a wall black yet.

    Love the inspiration! Happy Monday to you Sharon!

  13. Wonderful post and great blog. I would be very grateful if you could check in with my blog as well. Recently started. It's for young Jewish girls (late teens/twenties).
    Kind regards.

  14. You are my favorite website. I look forward to all of your emails. I love the dark dining room. FABULOUS!

  15. Yes, I would go dark, I have dark nail varnish and would love to do our living room black and white again. Great inspiration! Enjoy your week. :)

  16. Your blog is beautiful!
    I'm a new GFC follower :)

  17. Cool examples.

    Visiting from monday mingle.

  18. Love Love Love the top photo! I can;t wait to have a large dinning room to decorate.
    Ashley from