The Bubble of Blessings

Sunday, October 07, 2012

As you all know, there have been A LOT of holidays (yom tov) this past month. I feel like I've been in a little bubble of cooking, entertaining, decorating, eating, cooking some more, spending time with family, eating some more, spending more time with family, spirituality, cooking again, eating again, entertaining married kids, entertaining married parents, eating some more, more family, more food...and it goes on...

"Too much of a good thing" often comes to my mind, but honestly, when that thought enters my head I try to push it away and just say "thank you" instead. Because family is work, and spending lots and lots of time together is like an intense family workshop. But there's also the love, the foreverness, and the fact that these spiritual times are dripping in blessings
So as I prepare to enter into the final phase of Sukkos (for those of you who are wondering, this Wednesday it will be all over), I wish you all a chag sameach and happy holiday (and to those of you not celebrating, a great week.) We're all a bit weary and tired, but don't forget to enjoy your little bubble of blessing because before you all know it, it will just POP and real life will be back with a vengeance!

Lots of love,

See you Wednesday!!

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  1. Chag sameach! Thank you for the reminder - I am grateful for this frenetic but special time with those I love. This is my favorite time. Hope you get some well deserved rest soon (and some take out - ha!).

    Love that sign about the normal family! I need that to remind my superhonest son that he doesn't need to *repeat* everything that goes on at home to others :-). Quirky is good, right?

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I know you've had a lot going on with your holiday and family gathering. We have had an all-out family weekend (still going) and I am loving it. With sons age 8 and 10, they are such a joy right now.

    Soup is on. Fire is going. We're all together. What more could I want?

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. I loved, very nice
    Beijos Vanessa

  4. Great quotes! And hope you enjoy :)

  5. Sounds a bit perfect to me! Yes, holidays are a lot of work but you are so blessed - you have a beautiful family and an unbelievable attitude. Enjoy, Sharon! xo

  6. Sometimes I start feeling overwhelmed when I have people over one after the other. With all the cooking, entertaining, talking, late nights...dear me. Next time I'll have to remember your advice and just be thankful for that time together xoxoxo

  7. Lovely post Sharon. Just continue enjoying your family celebrations; you are blessed xx

  8. Having family is a blessing! There are good and bad times. Stressful, fun and busy times definitely do happen. Hang in there Sharon! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  9. I LOVE cooking! And I'm so happy to hear that someone else likes it, too. Hope you're doing well!

  10. sometimes you just NEED to be sorrounded by family...I am looking forward to the holidays for that reason- ...being together is always a huge blessing!

  11. I am glad you have enjoyed your holiday time with family! :)


  12. Oh I'm on the same boat,
    there'll be lots of cooking this month and the next two months to come... I'm feeling tired just thinking about the things to do, the cleaning and the decorating, but I feel so fulfilled after each and every celebration... and to see the smile on my kid's face after his coming birthday party this 20th will be bliss.