Friday Food and Favorites - Asian Inspired

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey there, so when my friends over at Jezebel SoHo asked me to post the ad for their Chinese Food Event featuring celebrity chef Eddie Huang cooking authentic and kosher Chinese food on December 25th, my creative mind decided, why not go with an entire Asian inspired concept for a blog post. 

So here we are.

I personally am not a huge fan of Far Eastern design, although I can appreciate its cultural richness and uniqueness. But I did find some Asian inspired fashion, interiors and even a great centerpiece idea that I thought would be fun to share with you. But first we'll start with a delicious recipe...something different, that can easily replace your other ho-hum chicken recipes: Chinese Chicken With Broccoli. Click the link for the original recipe. For the kosher version just skip the oyster sauce and you're good to go! 

And what if you want authentic and kosher Chinese food but don't feel like cooking it? Go to Jezebel on December 25th!
Now onto fashion...would you wear these Asian inspired outfits? I love the second one!
 This is so me...don't you think?
How about decorating your rooms with some Far Eastern influences...I say use just a touch.  Again, I prefer number 2.

And I DO love this centerpiece idea; the rugged branches add just enough texture to the colorful flowers.
 A little Chinese wisdom could never hurt either...
 Are you hungry for Chinese food yet? Make your reservations HERE for an authentic kosher Chinese food feast this Tuesday, December 25th.

Have a beautiful Shabbos, happy holidays, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The food looks yummy :) Must make that! And I love these two outfits..I would wear both of them!! And the rooms are so nice and Asian inspired things!! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along xx

  2. Oh how your posts are so WONDERFUL! Full of diverse themes and great food to boot! Anita

  3. Sending my best wishes for the happiest holiday season ever !!

  4. I adore Eddie Huang. He has a great sense of humor. I just made chicken and broccoli the other night :)

    Happy holidays Sharon!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Lovely post ( as a lover of all Chinese food;-) I love the first dress.
    Have a wonderful holiday Sharon. Sending Christmas hugs from London xxeIRetu 738

  6. Hi Sharon! Oh great recipe and will try it because my in- laws will be impressed ... Hope!
    The fashions are beautiful! XO z

  7. amazing post! so inspiring:)) love your blog! sure dear I would love to follow each other! I am now following you! hope you'll follow back:)) one big kiss! I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!


  8. Great post and love that Chinese proverb; so true!

  9. Hi Sharon! What a fun post. :) I adore anything Asian. Love the food which my hubby is really good at. AND the clothes. So yes....I would wear the designs you featured. I agree that the second style is really you. I'm somewhere in between. The Asian prints are always so pretty. Thanks for a fun post. Have a lovely Channuka!

  10. Love the Chinese proverb and how true it is......that food looks mighty good too!
    Sharon hope your holidays are off to a beautiful start and all the best in 2013!

  11. I love everything about this post ;)


  12. I want a plate of that now please!

    The diversity of themes on one post. Only you can!

  13. That food looks DELICIOUS and as for the always have the best compilation of inspiration images w your posts...
    Happy Holidays!

  14. Hey Sharon! I really like this post. Those Asian-inspired dresses and outfits are stunning. Loving the burgundy color and floral prints.

  15. Making reservations for Chinese now!

    We love asian-inspired art and decor/plants, both inside and outside of our house. It's very relaxing. My husband likes contemporary, but I'd do more "ancient" asian to mix it up if I could get away w/it.

    When I was younger I'd wear more traditional chinese clothing for special occasions. I agree on the
    2nd look too!