Soiree Style with Teri Jon: Dressing Up For Your Holiday Parties

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Do you have the holiday blues? I know I know, there are so many parties, and so little time. Seriously, who has the time to style all those fabulous outfits for all of your glamorous holiday soirees? Well I have a the color story of...yes, you guessed it, the blues!

Enter Ricky Freeman's Teri Jon. Teri Jon is a fashion label that will make all of you latke eating, eggnog drinking, party going woman swoon when you see this fabulous collection of evening gowns and dresses made just for you.

Ultimately, we are all looking for beautiful style and simple glamour that will make us feel great about ourselves, and Teri Jon dresses are cut to flatter a real woman's body, so you can go ahead and finish those latkes.

Walking into the the Teri Jon showroom is like walking into a fashion dream. The dresses come in an endless array of styles and a rainbow's worth of colors. Leora and I decided to go with three different dresses in the family of the blues, because whether you want to go formal or fun, there's a shade of blue that looks great on everyone, and blue will always look perfect for any holiday party style.

In this post, each dress is styled for modesty as you can see below. And with Teri Jon dresses, it was really easy to do that.  The cocktail length dresses fall right below the knee for a woman of average height and come with a generous hem that can be let down if necessary. I personally matched boleros or jackets for each dress to create a seamless sleeved look that maintains the integrity of the dress. Take a look:

This first dress is my favorite. It's a sequined sheath with a shear overlay and a sparkling belt. It has a wonderful ethereal quality about it. 
Photography by Chani Elle
Photography by Chani Elle

For a friend's recent wedding I decided I wanted to up the glam factor and show a bit more of a fitted silhouette so I pinned up the sheer overlay into soft drapes. It was fabulous!

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This next dress is fun and flattering. It features fuscia dots in a pattern of movement on an ink blue background and comes with a festive ribbon belt. I added my own sash because I personally find that a wider belt is more flattering for me:
Photography by Chani Elle
 The flaired skirt is super comfortable and perfect for dancing the night away!
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 And finally, the third dress is a brighter peacock blue that will light up your evening. It features a shimmering lace overlay that has just the right amount of color and sparkle. This dress also comes with a matching ribbon belt, but I preferred the dress beltless. And you can always add your own personal touches to make this dress work for you. 
Photography by Chani Elle

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And don't forget to use the special Fashion-isha coupon code BLUE to shop for you own holiday party dresses at Teri Jon and get 10% off all purchases plus free shipping. Shop HERE.

Until next time,

All photos are by Chani Elle of Elle Artistry. Thank you Chani for your gorgeous photography.  Chani is a makeup artist and personal makeup shopper extraordinaire. Chani offers airbrushing, lash application and private or group makeup courses. She can be reached at 848-299-2385.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I just started my blog a few weeks ago,
    and it's been super slow with the comments. I'm still trying to figure out how to get
    more followers and comments on my blog, but this was such a useful article. Hoping to
    become more successful with that soon! Thanks, fashion

  2. They all look great and make a change from the usual LBD. Also, it really shows that there's no reason to "have everything hanging out" (if you know what I mean) in order to look glamorous. Lovely choices, enjoy all those parties xo

  3. All these dresses look stunning on you!
    My favorite is the sheer, since I have an obsession with it. LOL! Amazing looks! Each dress looks elegant..

    Wanna follow eachother? Hope you can! Im now following ya ;)

  4. Very nice dresses! Thank your for visiting my blog xx

    I started following you. Can you follow me back? :D


  5. You look beautiful in these classy, feminine dresses! Especially loving the first one :)

  6. never heard of her but really love the dresses and of course you make them look even more lovely. my fav is the last one since I love lace details and that blue color is so bright and pretty. xx. gigi

  7. These are lovely and I particularly like the blue lace piece. Such a classic design! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  8. such gorgous dresses:)) would you like to follow each other?? let me know dear:)) happy week!


  9. Very pretty and glamorous dresses. The first was my favorite. xo


  10. Hi Sharon,
    Feeling a little (or a lot) blue here in Toronto too. chag Sameach. The dresses are fantastic. Enjoy them all. A new dress can always lift me up, never mind 3!
    Be Well.

  11. WOW, when I open your post I couldn't believe what I was seeing
    You look like a doll, my gosh Sharon it's unbelievable how gorgeous you are
    What ever you do, keep doing it, because it's working!!!
    Have a great weekend

  12. Gorgeous gal, you are!!!

    What fun to model all of these cloths my dear! You are ready to PARTAY!

    Happy holidays to you my dear and most beautiful model! Anita

  13. Fabulous photos Sharon!!!!!
    The first dress is divine!!!!!

  14. Perfect !! I love your 2 dresses :)

    New post - Kisses

  15. Im all for the first look, sparkly and classic!

  16. You look so pretty. I love the first outfit the most.

  17. Ah..I love when you feature your gorgeous self. Teri Jon makes beautiful dresses for a sophisticated woman...I used to sell alot when I worked at Bloomies back in the day. Beautifully made.

    They are all lovely but really digging that first one.

  18. Hello Sharon!
    I love the first dress most too, I am a fan how you can layer the body hugging tops under anything and even these holiday dresses! You look beautiful!
    xo Z