The Last Day of Chanukah-The Festival of Light

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm a little sad that today is the last day of Chanukah. When a holiday lasts for over a week you really get to absorb the feeling and the meaning of the holiday. And truth be told I am feeling a bit 'lighter' in every sense of the word. (Nope I didn't binge out on latkes or donuts this time!) But how can we maintain this lightness and carry it over into our lives? Here are some ideas...

Take a moment to appreciate the gift of light as soon as you awaken...
Let every day be a celebration of your life...

  Try viewing things in a new light once in a while...
Sometimes all you need to lighten your load is to simply rest...
 Light up your life by sharing time with friends and being a good friend...
 Don't be afraid to bring your own unique light into the world...
 When one light goes out there will be many more that go on, never give up...
Even the smallest flame of hope has the power to illuminate the deepest darkness...
 The day may be ending but the lights will soon be on...
 Always bring goodness and light into the world and your life will shine!
So here's to the shining lights of Chanukah...may they continue to illuminate the way and inspire us throughout the rest of this dark winter...

With lots of light and love, 

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing... Definitely gonna miss the lights

  2. Beautiful words to live by Sharon!


  3. These photos are so beautiful, utterly beautiful...breathtaking:)



  4. I think these rules of inner light applies to all of us, regardless religion. Thank you for sharing, beautiful words and nice to hear your thoughts on this. (I totally agree with every one of them with you:)
    xo Caroline

  5. Good morning dear and beautiful Sharon!

    I am so sorry that I never had a chance to add a Chanukah wish to my blog posts; the light is the THE SOURCE of my faith and you are SO RIGHT in posting about "WHAT NOW?" after the celebration is over. Well, like you have shown, the celebration never ends, because light is always with us and within us.

    Beautiful post, marvelous thoughts, and may the God of light always illuminate others through YOU!


  6. Adorable... great inspiration"

    "Al hanissim v’al hapurkan. V’al hagvurot V’al hot’shuot. V’al hanifla’ot she’asita la’avoteinu. Bayamim hahem bizman hazeh"

    (And [we thank You] for the miracles. For the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the saving acts, and for the wonders which You have wrought for our ancestors in those days, at this time).

    Chanukah Sameach!

  7. What beautiful images! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't help but notice they are white lights ... as my twins BEG me to put up colored lights inside and outside my house! HA!!

  8. Sharon, such a beautiful and insightful post of bringing light into or lives after the holidays are over. I hope your holiday season was the very best because you are a very special person and anyone would be honored to call you friend. As we are just heading now into the final stages of getting ready for our holiday of Christmas, I have an awful lot of scurrying around to catch up on! I'll try to remember to bring light even when I'm standing in line ;) xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  9. Love all the lightning pics and the message. Peace!

  10. So really pleased it was a wonderful time for you!! I hope you have a great week ahead xx

  11. INCREDIBLY inspiring! Love all of these photos.

  12. Hope you had a fabulous holiday!!

  13. Hope you enjoyed the festivities!!!!