Wedding Wednesday: Getting Blown Away By Black

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today was probably one of the most dreary days we've had this winter. It felt like the threatening clouds of doom were about to explode out of the sky; and then finally the freezing rain and snow began falling as the the temps dropped and the icy air chilled us all the way down to the bones. I know, it sounds all dramatic and everything, but this weather really affects me down to the core.

I always say that I think I have a touch of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), as many many people have, and are affected by the lack of light. On a day like today, my energy level is non-existent and I'm left wishing only for a thick sandwich and a nap. Then the clouds seem to move into my brain from outside and slowly slur my thoughts until all I can think of is...yup, a thick sandwich and a nap! 

But let's not dwell on the negatives of the dark and gloomy and high caloric. Ever the optimist, I like to remember that the darkest, deepest color - the combination of all colors - is the most glamorous (and slimming)! Sure black is basic, but some of these stunners will simply blow you away.

Take a look:

And my favorite...

Which dress would you choose?

Do you suffer from winter blues or S.A.D? What are some of the things you do to remedy the low feelings?

Until next time,

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  1. Oh La La ... all of these are fabulous choices ... number 1 and 2 are my picks ... The last one is original and if I was an inch or two or three taller I would have certainly chosen it, Love the detail.

    Yes... you are not alone ... I find vitamin D in drop form works great ... my nutritionist has me on 4-5 drops (taken all at once)daily during the winter months.

    Wishing you a great week..xo C. (HHL)

  2. Vitamin D for sure.... and mindless things to cheer me up like a pedicure with bright toe polish, or shopping for something decadent.

    Love the gown in the first picture.

  3. They're gorgeous. Every one of them!

  4. Dear one! OK, I love that first dress. And black is one of my favorite colors to wear in the winter, that and gray. I do not suffer from this winter mood, in fact, I am odd. I ENJOY a gray day and love the coziness I can achieve by slowing down with a book by the fireplace and a cup of tea...I know, WEIRD! I wonder if extra physical activity would help with that?My husband USED to feel this way during our long and freezing winters here in Minneapolis, but now that we have a much larger house, he doesn't feel that way anymore. He gets more exercise and is able to walk around more, plus we go to the mall to walk for about 40 minutes a day....Anita

  5. Hard to pick just one dress since they're all stunning but if I had to pick one it would be the first one, simple but elegant. Luckily I don't suffer from the lack of light up in New England that would be a problem since we have about 50/50 days all year round. I hope you feel better. Hey change your light blubs I gave some to a friend a couple of years ago and she said they helped. They're expensive, the kind that radiate sunlight but so worth it.


  6. When we get grey weather that lasts for more than a few days I get a little down. I find some inspirational music and candle light help me. Also throwing myself into a fun craft project sometimes helps.

    The dresses are all beautiful!


  7. I am the same way with the weather effecting my mood. winter is so dreary but it's good to keep a positive mind all they way through it your right about that! my fav is that last one absolutely stunning! xx. gigi.

  8. Loving all these fabulous dresses so chic and just so vogue.
    Yes you're not alone specially this time of the year is very easy to feel very blue hope you can find something to make you feel better soon. I try to watch my favorite TV shows like Sex in the City (I have the DVD's) and enjoying a glass of wine usually helps. :)
    Happy holidays dolly.

    <3 Marina

  9. Hi Sharon! Sorry to hear about the sad weather and all... I think that is why I once left Dublin... But Calgary is almost always sunny and that is nice and productive for me ... Have to say that sun blasting into our house most of the day.., is nice and I wish to send you a bit of it! Or come visit(:

    I love the 2 dresses just above the one you love(:
    Hugs z

  10. I love the high neck on all these looks!!!!


  11. OMG these gowns truly blew me away !!!! Happy New Year!!!!


  12. Wow, love the second from the top and the last one! these outfits will definitely lighten up a gloomy winter day!
    thanks for dropping by my blog hun, how about following each other on GFC & Bloglovin?