Having a Plaid Kind of Day

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm not sure how much sense a 'plaid kind of day' makes, but it's definitely got to do with something warm and comforting. There's just something so cozy about plaid. It's a pattern that's rich with color and tradition, and although the last time I liked plaid I was in high school, recently I've been falling hard for some of these looks. There truly are many ways to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe. Take a look:

Look 1

 Look 2
 Look 3
 Look 4
 Look 5
 Look 6
 Look 7
 Look 8
 Look 9
So would you wear plaid? Which looks are your favorites? I like 2, 4 and 6. 

And, oh...if you won't wear it, your can always eat it. How fabulous is this cake??
All photos sourced from pinterest (follow me there!)


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  1. I haven't worn plaid in years! I have to say that I'd probably prefer a skirt to a top, but they all look great. xo

  2. Plaid or "cuadros" as we say in spanish rocks! From kilts in Scotland to cowboy shirts... woohoo! All likes complete
    Fashion-isha fan

  3. Done- Liked! I actually love plaid btw... and shoes can be plaid too!

  4. Done- Liked all 3!
    (I actually love plaid btw- I have a gorgeous pair of plaid heels that go with so many outfits..)

  5. See, this is why I love your blog. i didn't think I likes plaid, but I LOVE these images! You teach me a lot :)

  6. Love plaid print, especially for fall!
    It's casual but elegant!


  7. I ADORE plaid and have worn it a lot this winter! Great compilation of shots, as always:)

    Thanks for the kind words..I haven't lost ALL of the baby weight..I am about 5/6 pounds from my pre baby weight...but the body is totally different lol. Thanks for boosting my confidence a bit today though.

    Hope you are well!!! C

  8. There is something about plaid and the cold weather that just seems right.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway!

  9. Hey! What a great post Sharon, plaid can be tres chic! Love 1,2, 4 and 5!!
    Have a real Scottish Tartan skirt that I bought in London in 1992 and I can't believe how well it kept, and how fabulous it still looks ((:
    hugs Z

  10. Hi Sharon! My fave plaid is #7...that coat is so original that I can5 help but love it. :) What a fun post. Hugs!


  11. I'm not so sure I'd wear plaid...but I LOVE the plaid pencil skirt...tempting ;-)
    Great selection you've chosen here Sharon.

  12. I don't own anything paid come to think of it. Your post has reminded me how glam plaid can be ;-)
    Van xx

  13. Looks 3 and 4 would do it for me. The great thing about plaid is that it is cozy in wool for winter, and so sweet in cotton in the summer.
    I'm lucky to have a family tartan {and it's a really pretty one}.

  14. Wish I would wear more tartan, I really like it, but have nothing from it in my wardrobe. Maybe I need to change that! Have a lovely weekend! xo Caroline

  15. Definitely love the polished orange look. I'm not a big fan of tartan but that one is very chic :)


  16. Definitely love the polished orange look. I'm not a big fan of tartan but that one is very chic :)


  17. I love tartan! Being in Scotland it's easy to get it anywhere. My husband's family have a certain tartan design for their family. It's marvellous to see how many patterns and types there are for certain events. A lovely tartan skirt is so nice!! Happy Friday doll xx

  18. I love me some plaid.
    I like the very last look! I always want to pair red plaid with navy. Strange?

  19. Liked and shared :)

    Thinking of plaid gives me nightmares...it's been at least 13 years since I've had a plaid uniform for school but that's IMMEDIATELY where my mind goes!!!