Fabulous Modest Swimwear With Under Cover Waterwear

Friday, January 18, 2013

Save $5 on any purchase of modest swimwear by using coupon code FASHION5
I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. If someone told you you could buy modest swimwear that was so chic you could wear it straight from lunch and shopping to the pool or beach would you believe it? Well you really can. Undercover Waterwear is a women owned company that carries fabulous skirts, tops, and dresses in all colors and styles for ladies and kids, that are made from swimwear fabric that dries quickly and will protect you from the sun's harmful ultra violet rays with a UPF of 50+.
This is swimwear:
The swim skirts come in a wide variety of gorgeous patterns and colors. I loved this snakeskin one!

The swim tops come in lots of solid colors that coordinate with the skirts.
This black ruched swim skirt fits so nicely I'd wear it as a non swim skirt!
The swim tops are super roomy and comfortable.
There are also lots of sporty styles like this banded top, so you can mix and match your pieces and always look stylish while on vacation.

I'm really excited about bringing my new Undercover Waterwear outfits on my vacation. You can wear them like clothes, then actually swim and do water sports in them. They will dry as quickly as a bathing suit and protect you from the sun. 
Come on, how many women out there want to be able to go to the beach or the pool, keep covered and comfortable, and still look fabulous? All of us!

Undercover Waterwear also carries a full line of non-swim pencil skirts in solid colors and other great styles like this black and orange colorblocked piece. All the skirts cover the knee and have a really flattering fit. And they're so comfortable to wear too!

Stay modest. Stay fashionable. Stay fabulous.

And now you can save $5 off your purchase at Undercover Waterwear by using coupon code FASHION5. Shop HERE.

I'd like to thank Sarah Lasry of The Patchke Princess for being my fabulous photographer for this post. She's a talented chef, cookbook author and blogger who can also take some really great pictures. Thanks Sarah for a really fun time!

Have a great weekend!

I'd also like to give a special thanks to the Hilton Gardens Inn of Lakewood, NJ for allowing us to use their location for our photo shoot.

This is a sponsored post and everything stated here is truthful regarding the product reviewed.

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!! What a fabulous idea in clothing these ladies have created. Enjoy your vacation... xo HHL

  2. Oh my heavens! I cannot believe this is swimwear! It's fantastic! I especially love the snakeskin skirt :)

  3. You look stunning...doesn't even look like swim wear, so nice!! I like these designs. Hope you have a wonderful day & weekend doll xo

    The Dainty Dolls House

  4. I LOVE the snakeskin skirt Sharon and by the way you look AMAZING!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hello there beautiful Shannon! Everything you model just comes to life because YOUR smile just lights up the page. WOW. You have given me some great ideas to venture out with my wardrobe; I tell ya, I went out and found a peplum, thanks to YOU!

    BON WEEK-END! Anita

  6. This is very cool and always a dilemma for me when it comes to sun! Never do I want to be exposed, Sharon what a perfect find you got. Usually a caftan after swim is there for me but this is better ... Also chic(: and how you wear the scarves ... It is everything I love! Scarves on 20's style ... My wedding look was similar even(: is how much one can adore it!

    You look so model like... Always. Hugs and great weekend to you! Z

  7. We are all talkking about swimwear lately!!! Hahhah and yes i live in Bs As Argentina and its summer here, thats why all the summerish posts hahaha

  8. You look gorgeous! Those skirts are so flattering - I love the snakeskin one!

  9. What a great hair you have!! xo Caroline

  10. Those shirts are amazing!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!


  11. What a fabulous idea. More than that, you look STUNNING!!

  12. You look so amazing in head pieces!!!! So chic :)


  13. Great pieces -- love the fun prints!

  14. Lovely post! Where did you find those two fabulous sun hats? Much appreciated!!