We're having a Party with Freeda Wigs! My BEST WIG EVER!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I have exciting news! This coming Sunday, February 10, I'm hosting a fun and fabulous Freeda Wigs Sale and Party at 606 S Lake Drive (side entrance), Lakewood, NJ, from 11am to 5pm and 7:30-9:30pm and you're invited!

Join us for a fun day full of style and enjoy light and glam refreshments featuring Cup of Cake, Barnett's Fine Biscotti, Wine Depot, and set up by the fabulous Pret-a Partee.

There will be wonderful raffle prizes by Bitz of Glitz, Meira Joselet Makeup Artist, Brown Kids Fashion, Head Accents Junior, Lyla and Lola and more!

Have a cup of coffee or sip some champagne with friends, get your wig touched up and try out a new Freeda wig! All the wigs will be $500 OFF regular prices for this event.
Freeda Wigs is the original 'custom wig' company, and has been around for many years. And now, they are more relevant and fabulous than ever, keeping up with the latest trends and offering the best quality hair.  If for nothing else, stop by to see how magnificent my new Freeda Wig is in person!

I want to share with you my own personal and wonderful experience with Freeda Wigs.  Chani Kugel, Freeda's CEO, is knowledgeable, honest, approachable, and eager to make you a happy client. Her associate, Hindel is totally on the pulse of what's currently trending, from hairstyles to fashion to social media. Freeda Wigs wants you as a client and you won't regret becoming one.

Freeda wigs also retains and works with the best stylists and colorists in the business, such as Joann Manning of Elements Salon in the Five Towns, who gave my wig an incredible cut, and the wonderful Sophia of Streaks Colorist who turned my Freeda into a piece of art.  My beloved and super stylish cousin Malky Goldblatt has been a fan of Sophia for years!

And speaking of coloring, lots of people have been asking me about the Freeda blondes. Many times, wig companies don't always get it when it comes to creating a natural looking blonde. Well I can personally vouch that I've seen some magnificent blondes in their showroom. And remember they will work with you to get the exact color you are looking for. Here's an example:
Another concern people have been asking me about is the hairline. For me this has always been a point of contention because I don't pull out my own hair or wear bangs. Achieving a natural hairline can sometimes be difficult, but Freeda worked with me and my personal needs to create the hairline of my dreams (is that even possible?):
This wig is probably the nicest one I have had in my entire life! 

To learn more about our Jewish custom of covering our hair after we are married and why we consider wearing wigs modest read my post HERE.

So what do you think? You opinions and concerns matter and will be forwarded to Freeda Wigs with regard to the event. What are your greatest concerns when purchasing a new wig? And what would you be interested in seeing most at this Freeda/Fashion-isha Event? Leave a comment here or email me!

Please note: Freeda Wigs are top of the line, high end wigs that are made from custom virgin European hair. For pricing inquiries please come to the event or contact Freeda Wigs for more information. As mentioned above, the wigs at our event will be discounted by $500 off original prices.

Thank you to the following event sponsors:

Please follow them!

And finally, thank you to my beautiful friend Frumi Malchi for graciously opening her home for this event.

If anyone else would like to sponsor food or a raffle prize please email me at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com.

Join our event page HERE.

Prizes will be raffled off hourly. 
Arrive between 11:00am and 12:00 noon to be entered in all of the raffles at once.

I'm looking forward to greeting you personally!

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  1. Your hair looks stunning! xo Caroline

  2. Never bought one but you look AMAZING in yours!

  3. WOW you look AMAZING:) I thank you for sweet words on my blog.

    I wonder If you would like to do a Guest post on inredningsvis??? It would be fun:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria

  4. So nice. I'd wear a wig all the time really, but that's because I don't like doing my hair, haha!! Hope you have a great day doll, you look gorgeous as always xo

  5. That is sooooo cool - so that means i could just put one one and never have a bad hair day again? wish i could go!!

  6. Gorgeous!!! Oh what fun this is going to be - wish I lived closer. The hair really looks high quality ... luxurious. Wishing you a fabulous day ..xo HHL

  7. You look stunning! I would never guess that you are wearing a wig - the look is so natural on you.

  8. you have a beautiful hair! looking gorgeous dear! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. WOW, Sharon, I can't imagine a better person than party girl extraordinaire YOU to be a part of a fab event like this! I can hardly even believe that is a wig, no one would EVER even guess! Beautiful! I hope the event is a HUGE success for all! Thanks for stopping by this week, sweets! xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  10. Wow..Your hair looks really beautiful and gorgeous..

  11. you have such beauty hair! I am sort of envious!


  12. WOW....I would have said that THIS WAS REAL HAIR....and you, my goodness what a beauty. I will never forget trying on a BLOND WIG ONCE....for a surprise on my fourth grade class. One boy SCREAMED OUT OF HORROR! teehee...he thought his brunette teacher was swallowed up by a yellow monster...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair, gorgeous one! Anita

  13. That is my dream hair, it would solve all of my bad hair days!

  14. The wig looks great!I'm excited for the wig event on Sunday!


  15. Always you provide exclusive posts for me, thank you

  16. This is my first visit for your sit but i will be one of your followers because you have attractive ideas