Orange Ya Glad?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What comes to mind when you think of orange? Refreshing? Citrus? Vibrant? Energy? Sunshine? Those are all words that pop up for me, when I think of this fun and fabulous color. I love the flavor of a juicy orange, and recently, I'm loving the way this color makes me feel... glad. And the beauty of orange is that it's all seasonal. It looks great in the cooler weather when paired with browns and beiges, and wonderfully refreshing in the warmer weather when paired with white and other summery colors. But one of the best colors to pair with orange is blue, because it's on the opposite side of the color wheel, thus creating what is known to be color vibration. Complimentary colors are the most appealing and stimulating to the eye, as seen below on this fabulous outfit worn by my one of my favorite fashionistas, Olivia Palermo:
See? Aren't YOU glad?

...and go ahead and set your Shavuos table with this exciting color combo as well...I just may!
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Until next time...


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  1. I was happy that last year's Pantone colour was Tangerine. My laptop case is orange, my leather day journal is orange, I have a gorgeous orange Furla handbag that works all year round.
    Love orange with charcoal grey in the winter, and with fushia pink in the summer.

  2. Sharon my love, orange is one of my fave colors. It's vibrant & cheerful & it's warming. It's like sunshine on a rainy day. Just lifts your spirits. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos & inspiring us to give orange a go. SHOULD do those flowers! So lovely!!!

  3. Sharon this post ROCKS!!!!!
    I have a orange Hermes Kelly bag I adore & for our 10th anniversary- my husband gave me a Hermes orange enamel H bracelet.....
    I love the photo of Olivia Palermo- cool look!!!!!
    Have a great Monday!!!!!

  4. Really a happy color!
    I've just bought a lipstick and a nailpolish in redorange. I am not brave enough to wear a whole dress in this color, but I love ist...
    Love, Ines

  5. Oh wow this color is simply perfect! can't wait to be tanned and wear it! ;p

  6. I love orange, it's a wonderful colour and goes with so much!! Great for the lovely weather time!! Have a great week doll x

  7. Sharon you are such a wealth of information! Amazing...and i do love orange its so uplifting and cheerful!

  8. omg omg ogm! I looooove olivia palermo! She dresses so well, and omg that bf of hers! Peeeeerfect~


  9. Hi Sharon! Orange is such a happy color, citrus and sunshine always come to mind. I love it in the summertime combined with yellow or pink on beach towels, beach bags, tablescapes, always so happy ... and in autumn, of course, it fits right in with autumn colors! Thanks for stopping by, darling, have a wonderful week! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  10. Love these looks and thanks for the tips. Although I don't have a lot of orange, I am eyeing that Stella McCartney skirt!

  11. Such a GORGEOUS colour...I love the first coat and Hermes bag...perfect!
    Have a great week, Sharon

  12. Beautiful Sharon! Orange is a beautiful color that isn't utilized enough. I'm glad to see it here in such perfect and elegant display:)


  13. How cool are you to be editing a book as well? And agree with the orange, you cannot go unhappy:)
    Please join my Clinique giveaway this week!
    xo Caroline

  14. Orange is such a happy colour and I always admire it on other people but I don't have anything orange in my own wardrobe. Maybe I should change that having seen your lovely images here!

  15. you KNOW this girl loves orange...I wear it constantly..that Carolina lace orange dress makes me drool...if I had a million dollars....

  16. Love Olivia's style! Orange suits her! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  17. Such a pretty post--I love the color orange--such a fun, happy color both for interiors and clothes. Have a great week, Barbara

  18. What a lovely Colour ... Just finished eating orange and feeding it to my boy(: in a beautiful sunny terrace ... Hugs z

  19. HAha, I love the post title. I love this particular color too, although I always refer to it as tangerine. What's the difference. And I've totally heard about this color vibrations factor. Great collection of looks you've put together!