Friday Food and Favorites: Sarah's Zucchini Ricotta Wonton Blintzes and Mascara!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

What do blintzes and mascara have in common? use them both for Shavuos?? Actually this post idea came from a random jumble of thoughts crashing through my overloaded brain. This morning, while I was putting on my makeup, I could hardly get my makeup drawer to close because of the insane amount of mascaras I own. I realize, I have a mascara problem. I literally have tried almost every mascara out there, and let me tell you they are NOT all the same. I've been keeping a running log in my head of which ones work and which ones don't, which ones make me happy and which ones are annoyingly overrated, and which ones cost a fortune and which ones are really affordable. And just like that, the mascara post idea was born!

The idea for the blintz recipe came later in the day when I was chatting with my daughter about recipes for Shavuos and she said to me, "Did you see that sick zucchini blintz recipe Sarah Lasry (The Patchke Princess) posted on Facebook? I want to make that!" And just like that, the food part of this post was born.
Get this heavenly recipe HERE!

So what do blintzes and mascara have in common? If used properly they will both make you very, very happy!

So let's talk about aging...I knew about wrinkles, sagging, not being able to see things closely, gray hairs, slow metabolism (are you depressed yet?)...but no one told me that one day I would look in the mirror only to find my long lush lashes MIA. Now that's not something I'm willing to take sitting down! I tried lash extensions, which I was only happy with for about 3 days...until I woke up one morning and they were all askew from sleeping smushed on my face. (I know, bad for wrinkles!)

I was told that the extensions would come out naturally, but after about 3 weeks they were coarse, messy and just plain ugly. I tried to take them out myself but when my own lashes came out with them I got really mad and said, "Never again!"

So I went back to the drawing board, applying many mascaras in many different variations: curling first, curling after the first coat, mixing brands, coating the lashes with powder first, coating the lashes with foundation first, etc. But, ultimately, it boiled down to this simple fact: Some mascaras really work well, and some are just OK. And the results have little to do with price and glossy ads!

Here are my favorites that really do work!

High end ($30): Yves Saint Laurent VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS SHOCKING: I first heard about this mascara while reading an interview with Diane Von fave! She swears by this mascara. She's mature, yet still so glamorous and relevant, so I knew I had to try this. It was so luxurious and delivered my longest, thickest lashes ever. I'm out of it now, but will definitely treat myself to this mascara again soon!

Mid range ($20): MAC Mascara Haute & Naughty Lash: I'm huge fan of MAC makeup and this mascara offers a great value because it has dual wands: one for length and one for volume. Apply several coats using each wand and your lashes will be wow!

Low end ($5-8): Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum' Express: Maybelline is world famous for their mascaras. The have won numerous awards for Great Lash (which in my opinion does nothing for my lashes). But try The Falsies and I guarantee you will change your mind amount about budget friendly mascara! It's thick and lengthening and the closest you'll get to lash extensions from a bottle at this price. (This mascara is what's holding me back from buying another YSL!)


-Maybelline Great Lash: As I mentioned before, it's just not so great for me.

-Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume: My daughter swears by this and it was listed by as one of the top ten mascaras, but it just doesn't cut it for me.

-Diorshow: This luxury masacara has gotten lots of press, but when I tried it I was sorely disappointed. Maybe I expected too much from the high cost and glossy ads.


1. Place a small amount of primer on your lids and dust a light coating of a pale, shimmering eye color. This will create a contrasting backdrop for your lashes.

2. Curl your lashes before you put on your mascara. Then dab a drop of liquid or powder foundation onto your lashes.

3. Place two to three coats of mascara on your lashes allowing them to dry for a few seconds in between.

Try my favorite mascaras using these tips and let me know if your gorgeous lashes do indeed make you a bit happier ;) I already know the blintzes will!

Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Shabbos!


I was not compensated by any company for this post. These are my true and personal opinions. 

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  1. Finding mascaras that work well really is such a trial and error process. Thanks for sharing your picks and tips! I find that primer really makes a big difference in the application and wear of my mascara.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I had problems with loosing lashes and tried Rimmel - the max {both the pink or green tube}. The collagen made my lashes come back in very full and healthy. The mascara is inexpensive - about $10.

  3. There is a reason I think your Sarah is my fav of your kids! LOL!!
    Only you can put mascara & my blintzes together!

    Love the post & just for the record - I am a huge fan of the maybline waterproof great lash mascara - I literally have to scrub & scrub to get the waterproof mascara off!

    Woohoo for the drugstore makeup!
    Have a great time in Chicago!
    ;) Sarah

  4. Great post ... and so true we buy mascara hoping for miracles with our lashes, only to end up with a store size supply of 'sample purchasing" as i call it. I find Lancome is great for not clumping.

    and those blintzes sounds delish ...may have to take a look ...happy week-end my friend.xo C. (HHL)

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I am tempted to try out The Mac with the double wand because I need both the lengthening and thickening! Also love Mabeline Falsies it works well for me. I replace mine quite often so I am not going to spend 30+ for a mascara.

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi, Sharon,

    I feel so close to you, when I read the lines. With ebery thing you said...I had these experience with lash extensions, too. It looked so great, but now I am happy, that everthing is real in my face... Please try the mascara "Le Volume" from Chanel. My favourite and I will never use another anymore...Me and my daughter are fans of it from the first hour... Some said I look similiar to Diane from Fürstenberg, I don't know, if it's right, but I love her dresses.
    Yes, food and things we love are close together, cause they give a well-being . Especially, if we share it with people we love, like our daughters... Mine and me we are big friends in everything.
    So enjoy your Shabbos! I like traditions!
    Love, Ines

  7. I buy mascara and tehn forget I even have it and end up throwing it out as it's gotten old. But, I should really use it more often. This is great. Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. EXCELLENT Post! I am going buy that YSL mascara TODAY!
    I agree about great lash, so overrated but Diorshow I used to like and Falsies is pretty good too. Good tips...something I am sure EVERY woman wants to know more about!

  9. Thanks for your tips and recommendations. Like you, I think I have tried them all across the price range. My favourite was Chanel Inimitable Intense but they have launched a new one Le Volume and I'm using a sample - very impressive and I'll definitely be buying it.

  10. TYSM for the mascara tips. I'm a sucker for advertising and always buy the latest and newest mascara and then am bitterly disappointed. I love YSL mascaras generally. Surprised Lancome didn't make your list ;-)
    I've been using a MAC eyelash primer under all my mascaras and seems to aid with the "lushness".
    Have a lovely weekend Sharon.

  11. Love your post. Will be eagerly waiting for more.

    My Blog :- Nature Health Secrets

    And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

  12. so good <3

    - A.

  13. Hi Sharon... Just found your blog through Tina. Love it!! Great article on mascaras!

  14. Thank you so much Sharon!!!!
    I have tried countless mascaras over the years too.
    How was your weekend? We went to see The Great Gatsby!!!!! It was AWESOME; we loved it!!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!!!

  15. Hi Sharon,
    Great post re: mascaras. Fab review on Maybelline's Falsies - am going to try it. I may well have found the product for me. And inexpensive've saved me a fortune on the trail and error side of things. Thanks again sweets
    Candy x