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Sunday, June 02, 2013

 Happy Monday!
 How was your weekend?
 Did you enjoy the precious moments in your days?
 ...spend time with your family?
 ...have lots of guests for the weekend or Shabbos?
 Are you ready to go back to work?
 Or would you rather live the lazy weekend all week?
All photos from Pinterest

Sometimes I'm so grateful for Monday so I can get back to my routine, and sometimes I wish the weekends would go on forever. This weekend was so relaxing and beautiful, and for  that I am grateful.  Not every weekend is like that!

This Tuesday night is the Couture for a Cause event I have been involved in and anticipating for months! I'm so excited and I hope we raise a LOT of money for the great causes that we are giving 100% of the proceeds to.

Today is THE LAST CHANCE to buy your raffle tickets for some AMAZING PRIZES!  All the money goes to charity and is helping a kidney foundation and a mom that was recently diagnosed with ALS.

So go crazy with those tickets HERE!

If you don't see me here for a few days...you'll know why!

Lotsa love,



Thank you Toby Rubinfeld for the new Summer blog header!

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  1. Love, love - the new blog header.

    I'm usually happy to see the routine of Monday roll around. Sometimes the weekend is 'too much'.......

  2. So wonderful. My weekend always goes too fast, but sometimes I am ready for the routine to start as I can get more done. I love that picture with the flower petals on the stairs, so glorious, I would walk out over and over just to see that!! Have a gorgeous week ahead doll xx

  3. Wishing the event on Tuesday is a great success Sharon! Cant wait for the pics x

  4. Wow! these pic are so amazing :) Very relaxing :)

    Want to follow each other? I follow you :D

  5. OMG LOVE the new header:) It looks so summer fresh and thanks for so sweet words.

    If you want some lilac inspiration..check out my new post:)

    have an amazing week dear

    LOVE Maria

  6. Sharon,dear:)*

    How you are right.....
    Sometimes you need more time for your joy and your beautiful weekend.but sometimes,you need really fast jumping in the new Monday!!!
    I wish to you great success on Tuesday:)))*

    I love your choices of images so very much,ecpesially the first one took my reat away......Enchanted beautiful!

    And your new header is A.W.A.S.O.M.E!!!



  7. I'm glad you had a nice weekend and I'm loving your new bright header!! xo

  8. So beautiful pics! It seems, that you are in a better mood and that's fantastic!
    I wish you luck for Tuesday!
    Love, Ines

  9. Gorgeous images...a beautiful Monday for us here in London...the perfect start to the week.
    Enjoy your day ;-)

  10. Beautiful images, beautiful post as always~
    Have a fabulous week lovely Sharon
    Luv Sonia

  11. Yes, it was a particularly peaceful, family oriented weekend here too, and I made sure to enjoy the sunny, warm weather. I would have loved to extend it to today too!

    Thanks for all the beautifully dreamy images (esp the pink and black. my latest obsession :-). I only wish I looked that good holding my BB (LOL!).

    Best of luck at your wonderful event. I would be there for sure if I lived closer!

  12. Love the combo of these pictures! So magical xx

    Come check out my new shoot with my all new photographer! Let me know what you think! xxxx


  13. Love your new summery header it's so pretty. I love the weekends since the whole family is home and enjoying time with one another, what could be better?

    Good luck with your event!

  14. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share and Great post,I really like your article and nice pic

  15. Oh these photos are SO lovely!