Friday Food and Favorites: Tween Time, Tuna, and Tulips

Friday, June 28, 2013

Can you believe it's Friday already? The weeks are flying by and I'm thrilled that the summer is here, but I do wish there was a way to slow down the time. Summer to me is magical. When I step outside and feel the heat it makes me so happy. It's really hard for me to relate to those who complain about it being too hot, or just don't enjoy the summer.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs to people who just go about their lives like it's the middle of November or March, and say, "Stop for just an hour or two and get in the pool! Go to the beach! Go outside and play with your kids!" I'm truly lucky that I have the luxury to take the time to do those things.

My 12 year old daughter is off from school and camp for over a month during which time we will be taking a 10 day Mommy and Me trip to Israel for her Bat Mitzvah. And since she is basically the only kid left in the house this month, we will be spending lots of quality time together.

It's really important to me that I do something with her every day, and honestly, it is my greatest pleasure. She will be turning 12 only once, and I know how crucial this time is in a child's life to connect with her Mom.

But at the same time, I'm pretty busy and I made it clear to her that there will be times in the day that I will need to work and she will need to entertain herself. And this is the age when the phrase "I'm bored" is muttered on a regular basis....sometimes like a freakin' broken record!

So no, it's not going to be all flowers and cupcakes, but we are both going to try to stop and smell at least one flower and eat one cupcake every day together...well not literally...but you get the idea.
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If you have any ideas for "cool" activities for a tween who's done almost everything fun (she's the youngest in the family), send them over my way...please!

Meanwhile, here's a delicious Friday lunch idea created by my friend Sarah Lasry of the Patchke Princess. It's a cool twist on the classic tuna sandwich, and as someone who loves being a vegetarian but is not always loyal to the cause, I often choose healthy protein staples like salmon and tuna. I can't wait to try this Mediterranean Tuna Pita!
Recipe HERE
For more of Sarah's cool recipes and musings, visit her current blog The Patchke Princess

Another thing I love about this time of year are all the flowers! Peonies, orchids, and hydrangeas are favorites that get lots of attention for decorating tablescapes, but let's not forget the humble tulip that always stands out in its simplistic elegance. 

Try combining tulips with other florals for an interesting table cluster.

Here's to a gorgeous summer weekend and a beautiful Shabbos!

Until next time,
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  1. cupcakes and tulips, yes please
    Xo, Megan,

  2. I hope you girls have a wonderful time together :)) I love the summer, although I could do with some more sun here at the moment. My girls are off & we will be having a family break soon :)) Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Hi Sharon..I am with you on the flowers...the most beautiful flowers can be found right now. Peonies being an all time fave.Enjoy this special time with your 12 year old...what I would give for my towering 17 year old "baby" to be 12 again! I so miss having younger ones around who need and want me, lol. Your trip sounds wonderful and how special to have it as a mom and daughter trip! Enjoy your weekend....

  4. I remember those days when I spent time with just one of my children for something special.
    My list would include - mani/pedi together {you pick her nail colour she picks yours}, bike riding together - if you don't have a bike you could rent them, a trip to the book store to stock up for summer reading, pack a picnic and find a pretty spot to sit quietly together, venture out with a camera and take pictures of one another doing silly things. She is at the perfect age to visit a good makeup artist for a lesson on skin care and 'first' makeup tips.
    Have fun together, laugh lots.

  5. Summer is really about slowing down and enjoying life. Have a great time with your daughter. I love all the flowers at this time of year too :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  6. Those tulips are gorgeous and I could never pass up a cupcake!

  7. Sharon,dear!

    How beautiful is your post again:)*
    I hope you enjoy your summer days so much as I do too!!!

    Have a wonderful time with you daughte,have joy and much pleasure together:)))*

    Your tulips and cakes are SO lovely,

    Sending to you my warm wishes from here,

  8. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful post Sharon. It IS a tough time:) We need to prioritize the kids but they also need to give you a little space too. As they eventually grow up and "leave the nest" .. it's a bitter sweet time that we have a love/dislike relationship with:) Your trip will be fantastic! My 22 yr old daughter and I have a girls trip planned in September. Hopefully we will always carve time out for some mother/daughter time.

    Have a nice weekend.


  9. I can so relate to spending quality time with the kiddos. I'm so sleep deprived, (thanks to the baby:-)), but I feel immensely blessed! Love, love the tulips! Enjoy your Mommy daughter time and I'm Jamaican, so I live for the Summer! Though, all this rainof late is driving me nuts!

  10. It’s exactly what I was looking nice job for posting this.Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  11. I hope you have a wonderful trip with your daughter! I, too, am trying to balance everything over the summer with kiddos out of school. It really is special to be able to slow down! Oh, and I like the idea of one cupcake every day. ;-)


  12. SO lovely, and that cupcake made my mouth water!!

  13. You are such a great Mom. Yes, stop and enjoy life for an hour - I agree!! Sarah always has the best recipes!! xo

  14. I hear you...I am trying to do all of my work in the morning while Connor watches a few cartoons and plays and Preston takes his nap..then when we head to the pool or beach by noon I am ALL THEIRS!
    It is SO is still a struggle however squeezing in clients/box services etc...I keep thinking ONE day it will get dice, hahaha.
    Hope you are well and enjoy your TRIP..sounds amazing.

  15. What a lovely post:) SO romantic and summer cute

    If you want to see an amazing Swedish hotel..check out my new post:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from