Sometimes I Feel Like I've Missed the Fashion Boat

Monday, August 05, 2013

When I'm not consumed with family and charity stuff, I'm usually immersed in fashion stuff. The fact that most of that fashion stuff is located in cyberspace and worn by the lucky few who are somehow genetically blessed beyond anything that can be called fair, is just a minor detail.

I'm pretty good at spotting trends, unearthing beautiful images, dreaming up creative concepts, and pulling it all together with some passionate writing. But if you'd run into me grabbing my post-yoga Starbucks, you'll find me in my very un-fashion-blogger uniform: A jean skirt and a tee shirt, a pair of flats, and maybe a funky ring thrown on as a symbol that, hey, I am stylish dammit!

The thing is, those super trendy outfits I dream of wearing, they just don't fit into my real life. Or on my very real body. Blogging about it...being a part of the fashion world in this creative form, satisfies the need in me for original expression. So, when it's time to get dressed, I tend to chill out.

Most days I dress for the grocery store, the cleaners...the car.

It's easy to dress for the car. My white Infiniti makes for the chicest of outerwear anyway. (If only we could affordably lease fabulous fashion like we do our cars!)  Don't get me wrong, a woman should always try to look her best and feel beautiful. The hair (Freeda), skin, makeup and sunglasses are still always a top priority.  One should never be too chilled about those things. But the clothing? Admittedly, styling the perfect outfit daily can become quite tiresome.

The problem arises when this lackadaisical attitude towards pulling together inspired and current outfits spills onto those occasions that actually call for creative styling. Sometimes I'll be looking at pictures of myself at events where I should be representing fashion in all of its artistic glory, and I'm thinking, 'Why didn't I work harder to look like the fashion blogger that I am? What was I thinking? I've missed the fashion boat again!'

But then I remind myself that that girl, the coolest looking one in the picture, is at least 6 inches taller and narrower than me, and she loves my blog!

Here are some recent events where I may have missed the fashion boat...

Sure the coordinating sparkles were worthy of this glamorous evening with Joan Rivers for the Couture for a Cause VIPs at the J Soho, but the white shell underneath was a case of lazy layering. I could have done better. 
    Photo credit Jerry Meyer Studio

At the Renewal Herzog Food and Wine Tasting on the Tribeca Rooftop, I wore what I had on all day...a top from Express, a skirt from Forever 21 and a necklace from Target. Although the look was affordable-chic, was it worthy of such a fabulous event? I'm not sure. At least the shoes were Louboutins. 
Photo credit Srivki Photography

Ultimately, we are all women who may occasionally feel insecure. And haven't we all wondered if we've missed the fashion boat at one time or another? And if that feels like you too, just remember, you look absolutely perfect in your imperfection. 

At least that's what I've been telling myself.


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  1. I totally get what you are saying. We adore fashion & love everything about the trends but they don't always translate into real life. Lady you look great and have a fantastic blog! xoxo


  2. Great post dear!

  3. I think there is definitely fashion for our different aspects of our lives so don't be too hard on yourself bc you look great!

  4. Sharon - your incredible smile is the thing that stands out when I see pictures of you. You could have on a burlap bag with a rope tie belt and I don't think anyone would notice - your smile is vivacious.

    I agree that the translating true fashion to the everyday woman is hard and it leaves us all feeling a bit inadequate. I've started to learn {the hard way} that buying the trickle-down effect of fashion with low price tags from junior fashion shops never works for me. I'm sticking to classics and good fitting pieces for my less than model figure.
    If you feel confident and elegant in what you wear you will always be comfortable.

  5. Aw. This makes me feel better about myself, since I have not been feeling even remotely fashionable lately! And fwiw, you look amazing in all those photos.

  6. Oh,Sharon.........dear wonderful woman!!!

    You looks really awesome,I mean it,I mean it!:)*

    And obviously a really trendy clothing is much better on a young and slim body,but we tranclate it in own way....

    I LOVE all you looks,Sharon:)))*

    Wish you beautiful week,my dear friend,


  7. Sharon! I love this post! I love to put on beautiful outfits on my blog, but in reality, 50% of the time I end up changing at least the shoes, if not the whole ensemble, because I have an infant and a toddler. But to me the effort is everything, and a little makeup goes a long way :)

  8. Your honesty is so refreshing! I also feel like this all the time.

    I'll bet that even those "genetically blessed" models whose entire career rides on looking fabulous also often feel as if they missed the boat.

  9. I think a lot of us can feel like this. You look gorgeous to me. I sometimes feel like I could do something different or that I think too much instead of just doing it. But, we can still make changes and do the things we think of doing. I always think you look stunning xx

  10. Well I think you look beautiful in all the shots/at the events...but we are on worst critics...
    some days when my outfits are pretty simple I wonder if anyone will really want to see them on Instagram or the blog..and then ...they are my most "liked" post or most commented on post and I realize...different people relate to different things...

    always wanting to look EVEN better is a good thing!

  11. Dear Sharon,
    We are all so hard on ourselves. I see your images with your smile, so much self confidence and think you look great.

    I don't attend as many charity events as I used to, however I do love to dress up occasionally; for an art opening, special dinner, etc.
    Just because you mentioned shells, that is one staple I try to have in almost every color; because I also wear them under everything!

    2013 Design Series