I'm Going Platinum!

Friday, October 18, 2013

 We all know that metallics are really hot right now, but you may wonder how to style such a glitzy piece. I personally love the trend as I love all things sparkly, so I recently bought a silver skirt, but sometimes I doubt if it's really classy enough to wear. I've put it in on and then decided to change my outfit for something a little safer. So, is it CHic or CHeesy? I'm wondering...is it something YOU would wear?

Let's take a look...
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 It's pretty fabulous in these photos. Isn't it? A crisp button down blouse definitely classes up the va-va-voom-ness of a silver skirt, and a chambray shirt adds a down-to-earth edginess to the look. A soft black or silver sweater is a great partner for a more elegant evening look. And the last photo is my favorite; the snakeskin pattern is a perfect pair for platinum!

What do you think?

Here's how I styled my silver skirt:

 And for a more casual look that brings it into fall try it with a leather vest...
 ...or a fur vest.
 Photos courtesy of Simi Langert, future photographer par excellence!

Shop the Look:

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Hair: Freeda

So do you think I can wear a silver skirt?

Have a wonderful week!



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  1. Dear Sharon,

    I love some of the looks!For me I don't see them as daytime except the blouse which is gorgeous!! That flippy little skirt is very fun!

    2013 Designer & Artists Series

  2. I read the post title and thought 'no, she cannot change her hair'.
    Ok, so silver skirt - if there is anyone who can wear this stylishly, it is you.
    I could so see it with the fun of chambray, or a deep wine coloured sweater. So many pretty things to make it shine.

  3. What a fabulous selection! These metallic skirts are so versatile and you have shown here that they can look classy too.

  4. Looks truly so fashionable stylish and totally stunning,Sharon!
    Amazing look here #3....
    I love long skirts and all these looks are such a very elegant,I would love to make more long skirts for myself only in silver or platinum ...:)))
    Wishing you lovely Sunday,dear friend,

  5. Love the platinum look right now. Metallics in the Fall are so much fun!

    Hope you had a great weekend Sharon!



  6. I love the first look! It's ethereal!

  7. I LOVE the first top, so pretty and fluttery. But I feel like because the skirt is such a statement piece that maybe less intense shoes would be better. Not because they don't both look great, but because it's hard to get the full impact of more than one at time. Just my two cents but you do look gorgeous!

  8. YES, yes you certainly can wear a silver skirt :) i LOVE it and love the looks you posted!!! i'm trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding next week, and I've just found some inspiration :)

  9. Hi Sharon!!!!
    All these looks are amazing!!!!
    You know I'm a major fan of platinum!!!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!

  10. It looks terrific on you. I love the long versions that are sort of muted silver. Pairing it with a casual top makes it so wearable. Fun post. Have a lovely week. xo Jennifer

  11. Nice metallics!


  12. Thanks a lot for mentioning all the links for purchasing these products.Every metallic outfit depicts a unique look. And I love it!!!

  13. Sharon, you look fabulous! The skirt is stunning and I love the first pairing of yours :) I think I have something platinum/silver somewhere in my closet, hmmm... time to dig!

    Greetings from Dubai :)

  14. I now want to stock up on silver skirts! You look amazing lady!

  15. Hi Sharon! Yes.. I definitely think silver/metalic works for you. I think this look is particularly fitting with the holiday season approaching as it's so glamorous. Enjoy your day! xxleslie

  16. I've loved the silver and gold maxi skirts for a while now and I love the skirt you got! I think it looks great how you styled it...my favorite is the first look with the big bow!

    Runway Chef

  17. I would totally wear it...probably with a sweatshirt...I'm weird like that!

  18. You look amazing, dear Sharon!! great combination!!
    Have a good week! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  19. I love the 3rd one and it certainly looks great on you..I have no place to wear this..but if I did I would!

  20. The first skirt is so AWSOME!!

    I hope you will visit my blog:


    and maybe follow if U like,

  21. omg, you are killing it. That skirt is FABULOUS! Adore this post, love. If you get a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. :) xo


  22. we love your platinum look, fabulous!
    our favorite is with the fur vest!!
    xx Vera & Rony