Is It Wrong To Double-Tap on Instagram When You're Supremely Fabulous?

Monday, October 28, 2013

I've been wondering about this for a while now. I'm pretty addicted to Instagram (follow me!) and I love sharing the love. I really enjoy being nice. I like to help people. I'll be your best cheerleader, even especially if you're in the same field as me. I'm very into spreading positive energy into the world.

And I love to like your pictures on Instagram.

I'm starting to get the feeling that all of this niceness may be holding me back from reaching a supreme state of "fabulousness".

Maybe it's because I grew up without a lot of money in a small town, that oftentimes I'm a little put off by the rules of the fashion world. I'm certainly attracted to it, but it seems that in the midst of all of that glamour there's an underlying darkness that can sometimes feel soul crushing.

Here are some of those dark rules I've noticed:

1. You are on your own because fabulous women NEVER share their secrets to flawless beauty, youth and success.

2. Starve yourself until you're a skeleton because otherwise you do NOT exist.

3. DO NOT SMILE...ever!

4. Look depressed and pigeon toed (even I succumbed to that pose in my last Insta-post.)

5. Slouch.

6. Cover your face with sunglasses bigger than the plate you don't eat from.

7. Don't ever become too nice, you may loose your edge.

8. Don't like your friends' Instagram pics, it makes you seem mysterious and elusive.

9. NEVER admit you shop in Forever 21, H&M etc...those are the places that must never be mentioned. (See #6 for when your do shop there.)

10. Talk proudly about how your over $100 shoes from Zara were so affordable!
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Yes, I'm Fashion-isha. But I don't play by those rules very well. But before I get to my rules, I do want to write a little disclaimer: Please take this post with a grain of salt. Almost every fabulous fashionista I've met has been a wonderful human being and much of this behavior is simply part of the pop culture of the fashion world. One in which women create a specific perception that may not depict reality. (Whether this fantasy is good or bad is not for this post...)

That being said, here are my rules:

1. Always support your peers and help as many people as you can. Share your secrets for success! The positive energy will come back to you.

2. Eat small amounts of healthy food. Try to find the balance where you feel good about yourself and you can maintain a healthy weight. Learn to love your imperfect body, it's a gift from Hashem and it serves you well.
Click image for recipe.

3. Always smile! You may change a person's day...or life with your smile.

4. Be the Lucky FABB Conference the gorgeous Kate Bosworth told us, "Find a way to be happy. And smile. You will get a lot more likes on your pictures if you smile!"
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5. Stand up tall. Be proud of who you are.

6. Wear sunscreen every single day and sunglasses only when necessary.

7. Always be nice.

8. Double-tap those Insta-pics to your heart's content! Studies have shown that for every like you get on Instagram or Facebook a little dose of dopamine is secreted in your brain. For so little effort why wouldn't you want to make someone happy like that?
Follow me on Instagram HERE (I could use some more dopamine.)

9. Tell the world you got that chic coat from Target. The girl who's struggling with money will feel so much better to hear it.
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10. Zara's awesome because of their huge supply of modest clothes, but $80 for a skirt made in China is not all that cheap in my opinion.
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So I will continue to straddle that line between the two worlds...but I may not ever make it all the way to fabulousness. Because kindness to me is so much more...well...fabulous!

What do you think??



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  1. I don't usually leave comments but I had to write that I LOVED this post! So honest and exactly how I feel! xxo

  2. As an avid follower of your blog, I found your post instantly refreshing. New to the mod blogosphere, I found myself asking the same questions you posed. As religious bloggers, are we setting the standards for our followers? Are we allowed to impart our knowledge of the fashion world without fear of criticism from the naysayers? We should be able to post and like what we love because it makes us feel, well, fabulous! Kudos for keeping the word 'modest' in our ever growing fashion lexicon! Your posts continuously serve as inspiration.
    - @The_Coverist

  3. Soo funny bc it's true most of the time! :)

  4. Cool post hun<3

  5. This was so simply stated but the message really hit home! Congrats to you for keeping your intentions honest and kind in an industry which as a whole values neither of the two!!

  6. I prefer your rules everyday of the week. I didn't know I could double like a picture. I just tried to double like one of my own :-)

  7. So refreshing! I love your blog and your generous spirit! All th best!!

  8. Love the post! Looking forward to following you on Instagram!

  9. What a great post, Sharon, and so right on. I think it's what many of us feel (I do). I, too, like many photos on Instagram. Sometimes I like the picture. Sometimes I just like the person that posts. I'm not very good at being "elusive." I know exactly what you're talking about too, some people try to be "mysterious" by not being overly friendly. Okay. Whatever. That's what I think lol.

    Thanks for being such a lovely blogging/twitter/instagram friend. ;) xox ~S

  10. Make no mistake, you ARE supremely fabulous :) Such a beautiful and down to earth attitude you have. I have been searching your site for a post you wrote on WHITE KITCHENS, with a on of picture- inspiration, but I cant seem to find it! Is there a search box I am not seeing that I can search by terms? And what happened to that post?? Thanks!!

  11. Love this post - many times it seems like the 'real' fashionistas are the first list, but nobody likes them too much! And what are they gaining anyway?

  12. Beautiful post!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  13. Great great post Sharon. Well said. Same thing happens down here in Argentina. This is my 2nd time commenting but if keep posting like this you'll be hearing from me more often. Kisses. Linda

  14. Well said Sharon! You are an example of how someone can be a humanitarian and supremely fabulous at the same time <3


  15. I wonder about alot of these things very often. :) thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. xx. gigi.

  16. Great post. Will you like to follow each other? xoxo
    New Post Fashion Talks

  17. This post is absolutely great and describes exactly how I feel about the fashion industry. As a fashion design student and a religious girl, I'm faced to this kind of dilemma almost every day. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one feeling this way and hope more people would act the way we're supposed to and not like the society tells us to!