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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shopping vintage is so on trend today, but it can be a bit intimidating too. How do you know if you're getting a good deal? Which vintage pieces will work for you? Is what you're buying high quality? Is the vintage clothing out there just someone's old junk or is it a selection of treasures from the past destined to become your favorite go-to pieces?

At BelleChic, it will always be the latter.

With her finger placed squarely on the fashion pulse of New York area women, Leah Sandman, a busy mom of 4, is the owner, stylist and creative director of BellaChic, a curated collection of high quality vintage apparel and accessories. Based in Connecticut, Leah has established a solid relationship with some of the top vintage dealers in the area, providing a wide range of resources with which to satisfy the desires of the women who love to shop for unique pieces that perfectly suit their styles and needs. 
The gorgeous hand picked selections at BellaChic may have all types of embellishments including lace, flowers, sequins, netting…the options are limitless!

With years of experience, Leah hand chooses the quality couture clothing, furs, and even furniture that make up her inventory. Each item is guaranteed to be in great condition and appeal to various styles and budgets. 

Do you love glam and gilded styles? You will love the unique pieces at BellaChic.

She will never carry an item that doesn't pass her strict quality assessment, and she will never pressure a client to buy something if it's not a perfect match. Leah also always keeps an eye out for pieces that can be altered for modesty. For example, she will check how much fabric is in a hem to possibly be used for adding to the sleeves or neckline.

This is the type of curated client service that sets BellaChic apart from many other vintage shops.

Leah also specializes in pre-owned furs and offers services such as storage and repairs. But it's her selection that will really get you excited.
And Leah always encourages her clients to wear color. She's been educated in color theory by Jessica Riolo of Authentic Images; the concept is that each women has her own unique color palette based on the seasons of the year, bringing out her best features and her most beautiful potential. 
When you shop at BellaChic you get more than just clothing, you get a styling lesson on which colors and styles suit you best.
At BellaChic you will always find vintage fashion this is completely current and relevant.

Leah's dedicated clients know that at BellaChic their happiness always comes first, and their fashion dreams will be made into reality.

You will love Bella Chic Vintage, today's trends, yesterday's fashion. 

Excited to shop BellaChic? Call Leah at 203-514-2442 (CHIC)

You can also visit BellaChic (and me!) at this upcoming Ohr Naava vintage event this Wednesday, November 20: 

Join us for a great day of fashion supporting a great cause!

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  1. She has a great eye and makes sure that each item is a perfect fit in size style And price

  2. Where in CT is this? There is no town listed.

  3. Amazing pieces, I could spend some money in there :)) So wonderful xx

  4. Some really beautiful pieces!

    I've never had much luck vintage shopping! More often than not, the items that I usually fall in love with turn out to be way out of my price range! :(


  5. A wonderful selection Sharon, I love classic vintage!

    The Arts by Karena