Getting Ready for Your Chanukah/Thanksgiving Parties

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's such a festive time of year. Sure it's frigid outside, but I'm really loving the charged atmosphere of the holidays in the air. The only problem is that planning your dinners/parties can get a bit stressful. But it  doesn't have to, and I'm here to help and inspire.

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. And this attitude of gratitude, if applied to your life throughout the rest of the year will literally change the way you see the world.  And all the positive energy you put out there will bring you lots of blessings and more to be grateful for!

Chanukah is about celebrating the miracle of light for the Jewish people during a very bleak time. On Chanukah we celebrate the fact that a tiny bit of found oil miraculously fueled the entire Menorah in the Bais Hamikdash (Temple) after it was attacked and violated. So what do we do on Chanukah? We are grateful! We celebrate by eating delicious foods with lots of oil (see recipes below), illuminating our homes with the Menorah flames for 8 nights, and having lots of fun. This attitude of gratitude for the miracles that were bestowed on us multiplies our blessings…and our joy!

The combination of the two holidays during the same week this year is truly a wonderful time to go all out and really celebrate. Be happy, be grateful, and don't stress out!

Here's a Fashion-isha guide to throwing a truly fabulous and enjoyable soiree. Let's just have fun!

What to Wear:

Since this time of year is all about light, go for something with sequins or metallics. A bold swath of lipstick is the easiest and quickest way to get made up without hours of prep. Do make sure to allot some time to pamper and get yourself dressed, for a happy and glamorous host will set the festive tone of the party!

 Buy similar skirt HERE or HERE
Buy similar clutch HERE
 Unfortunately this gown is not available, but HERE's another one that fits the bill if all out evening glamour is what you're looking for.

(And don't think I missed the fabulous bud vase wall in the background. File that one away for your Sukkah inspiration for next year.)

And if you have to work the day of your party? Here's a gorgeous day-to-evening look that goes beautifully from the office straight to your party:
Buy this skirt HERE, or for a more affordable version, HERE.
Buy similar blouse HERE.

How to Decorate:

Create a simple, affordable, and gorgeous table scape by glamming up natural seasonal elements. A touch of burlap and some gold spray paint go a long way in melding the earthy and shimmery, to create an eye pleasing centerpiece.
 Or simply trim some pretty bouquets and place them into a hollowed-out  pumpkin. You don't even have to venture further than your local grocery store for this one.
 If you have time, a few extra touches will add to the elegance of your party. Try wrapping napkins with cinnamon, pine sprigs and twine for a natural and aromatic touch. To save time, prepare these in advance.

What to Eat:

Latkes, latkes, and more latkes!

Whether you're throwing a big Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings or just a small party for Chanukah, you MUST include one (or several) of Sarah Lasry's (of The Patchke Princess fame) amazing latke recipes! Replace the mashed potatoes with this yummy side dish for Thanksgiving dinner or create a latke bar (like Sarah did HERE) with lots of toppings for your Chanukah party.
Photo styling by Margalit Lankry Design

Find the heavenly recipes and full post HERE.

And finally here are some more tips for creating a perfect evening:

1. Slightly dimming the lights and lighting lots of candles is an easy way to create a warm and inviting ambiance.
2. Have a bottle each of dry and sweet wine on hand, it will relax your guests who enjoy a drink.
3. Go with the flow and don't sweat the imperfections. There will always be imperfections. If you don't make a big deal out of them, no one else will.
4. Have some music in the background, it's what makes the party! 
5. If throwing a party still stresses you out, it's OK to ask your guests to pitch in and bring something.

Happy Chanukah!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love and gratitude to you all…

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  1. So beautiful...I love all these outfit pictures and the table one is gorgeous too. I hope this is a wonderful and blessed time for you and all your loved ones!! Have a very special time. Lots of happiness and blessings to you xx

  2. Hi Sharon,
    All of your thoughts and ideas about the holidays are excellent.Most of all I like your reminder to have fun and be thankful. Eliminating stress from the season is a priority for me!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Love the full skirt - a girl can't help but feel pretty when wearing something that swirls around her.

  4. Happy Happy Chanukah Thanksgiving and Holidays. I am personally thankful for you as a friend. It's such a joy to end my day on a high note.

  5. That glitter skirt is to die for Sharon! The table settings are so perfect and love the cinnamon sticks on the napkins. Love this post and I'm celebrating my first Thanksgivukkah with my Sister and her in laws.

    Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Holiday.

    PS: I hope you don't mind I pinned a a couple of these photos onto my boards. :)


  6. Hi Sharon,
    Happy Chanukah and Thanksgiving to you and your Family!
    The Arts by Karena

  7. Wanted to pop in to say hi and a warn and happy Thanksgiving to you!!