Friday Favorites: Zac Posen and Weekend Packing Tips

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hey there, I'm going to make it brief because I'm off to a Bar Mitzvah this weekend and I have to wake up super early to catch my flight. (It sounds super glam…but trust me I'm going to the brutal cold Midwest for the second time this week and my nice cozy bed sounds just right about now.)

I got really good at doing things briefly…or should I say more efficiently. Flying has become such a hassle that I do whatever I can to keep the stress of it all down to a minimum.

First things first…and yes the credit for this goes 100% to my husband…apply to become a TSA Pre - Known Flyer HERE. If approved you will be called down for an interview and then if approved again you will have priority status at security. That means you can keep your boots and jacket on and get through that mess faster than everyone else!

I also try to get everything into a carry on so I don't have to wait at the extremely stress inducing baggage carousel after I arrive. It pays to invest in a spunky hard cased carry-on that wheels easily and stands out from the sea of black and blue suitcases. Here are some of my favorites (use arrows on side to scroll and click on item to shop):

So how do you get everything into a carry-on? Well if you're going away for a week and you're a shoe lover, forget about it. But if you're going somewhere for the weekend or a couple of days then you can do it! Always think in terms of layers. For traveling in the cold I throw on a comfy pair of leggings, a stretchy black pencil skirt, a chic pair of wedge boots, a black shell, and a cozy winter sweater. It's a warm, comfortable and chic look. You'll feel like you're in pajamas without looking like you are.

If I'm going away for Shabbos (the weekend), I pack two nice outfits, one for Friday night and one for Shabbos day, and make sure both can be worn with my chic wedge boots (no additional shoes needed). I make sure the pieces I choose are never fussy and everything can be folded without getting wrinkled.  A good example would be a full floral skirt that I'll wear with a simple black top or a leopard print pencil skirt with a beige ruffled cardigan. Both outfits will look great with black opaque tights and a black shell. Or pack a sheath dress like this or this, for one of the outfits. I throw in a belt or fur scarf to accessorize and voila..I'm done.

Of course don't forget undergarments (always pack an extra pair of underwear…no elaboration necessary), tights or stockings, extra shells, sweat pants and sweat shirt to sleep in (just in case it's freezing where you're staying).

But do you want to know my biggest, most un-glamorous packing secret?

Ziplock baggies.

Yes, I too have succumbed for years to those wonderful "free gift" offers at the makeup counters, but once I get home I usually chuck the makeup bags that come with them because they're always so UN-CHIC! Are you with me on this?

The most stress-free thing I do when I'm packing is throw my makeup and cosmetic essentials into one zip lock baggie and my jewelry choices into another. With baggies, there's plenty of space, I can see clearly what I have, and if your moisturizer leaks you just throw out the bag. How glam is that un-glam tip? When you start doing it and everyone tells you how ingenious you are don't forget to tell them you learned it from Fashion-isha!

Finally, replace your crossbody for an oversized handbag or tote so you have room to throw in your headphones, snacks, chargers, lipstick and  moisturizer, and even a magazine or book. Consolidating is key, and the less you have to carry the better off you'll be, and the easier it will be to get through that whole flying trauma.

Now to calm you down here are some really beautiful and soothing looks from Zac Posen, sent to me by Fashion-isha fan Chani Schwartz…thank you!

What a lovely collection…what do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time doll, sounds exciting!! I hope you can get some rest on the way :) Enjoy!! I love this floral like skirt, it's wonderful xxx

  2. As I travel quite often, I'm always looking for ways to simplify the whole process. Some good tips here. I love the grey oversized sweater too - perfect!

  3. Toda Raba to you (and your husband!) for these great tips! I visit my family once a month so I need all the help I can get! Also, I love that you don't even try to pretend a woman doesn't need shoe options for a week-long getaway--so refreshing! Good Shabbos! xo

  4. Great tips! Love that kate spade purse! xx

  5. No matter how pretty our luggage and cosmetic cases, the zip-lock bags work perfectly to ensure there are no spills.

    The navy floral full skirt is so pretty. And Zac Posen - yes, it's all very elegant,

  6. So many great tips for hassle free traveling. Love the Kate Spade tote and the Zac Posen collection...stunning!!