Fashion From Nature

Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Fashion from Nature's Treasure

Creation is not easy - any form of it. It is for this reason that people covet it so much. Think about it for a moment. Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful painting, an enchanting piece of music, a compelling novel, a brilliant movie, or great architecture? And why do we appreciate it? Because it touches an innate sense in our very fiber and we realize that it is something that so few of us can do.

For millennia we have been inspired by nature. We have used the shapes of nature and their perfection, such as that of the nautilus, to render stunning auditory reproduction. We have used the colors of nature as the inspiration for great art, and we have even used plants and flowers to manufacture those colors. Perhaps the most desired elements in nature are the stunning and sparkling gemstones that are so difficult to find and impossible to accurately reproduce.

Gemstones may be precious and semi-precious such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls, jade, and opals. They may not even be particularly rare, yet they evoke emotions in us perhaps as they are so obviously something not created by the human hand – and they cannot be truly replicated by the human hand.

Improving on Nature

When discussing nature and its impact on our lives, the wording used is often religious in nature (pardon the pun). And whether or not we believe that there is a power above nature, there is no doubt that, when implemented in the correct manner, those with the talent can perhaps not improve on nature but definitely complement it and present it in a light that accentuates its brilliance.

Take the not so humble diamond as an example. When it is first discovered it could be confused for a piece of glass by the untrained eye. Yet in the hand of a master cutter and polisher, this modest “piece of glass” can become the queen of the ball. Then this stunning stone is mounted in a magnificent piece of jewelry and it is transformed further into something truly ethereal.

Pearls are formed when a parasite enters the shell and ultimately the soft mantle tissue of a mussel or oyster and the irritation caused ultimately results in the creation of a magnificent pearl – the only gemstone that is produced from a living organism. Natural pearls are extremely rare so human ingenuity found a way to induce this process in mollusks and produce cultured pearls. This process may be more proactive than that of polishing a diamond to extract its real beauty but nonetheless it is man helping take nature to the next level.

Magnificent Jewelry

Rare stones have been a medium and inspiration for those with the vision and talent to further enhance nature for as long as the desire to adorn the human body has existed. Jewelry is perhaps the most extravagant and costly expression of fashion with fancy colored diamonds form the most concentrated store of earth known to mankind.

Bordering the Andes Mountains, the regions of Boyacá and Cundinamarca are the source of most of Colombia’s stunning emeralds. Colombian emeralds are the most highly prized of emeralds and account for approximately 80% of world production. Extra Fine emeralds can reach a price approximating USD100,000 per carat and may be used on their own or in combination with diamonds to stunning effect.

Sapphires are found in a number of countries and come in numerous colors. A Rainbow Sapphire necklace utilizing a variety of tantalizing colors of sapphire is yet another example of how the human touch, inspired by nature, can use the treasures of nature to take them to the next level.
In short, we would be nothing without nature in our lives but we also have the ability to make nature even more beautiful and astounding – and fashioning jewelry from nature’s treasure is one of those ways.

Jewelry need not be the largest, most expensive, or most sparkly for it to have the intended impact as every person seeks something different from their jewelry. Some people want them for show yet others for sentimental reasons. Some people wear jewelry to make them feel good about themselves yet others wear it as a way of being one with nature. Art may be for art’s sake but nature’s treasures when combined with art are a true sight to behold.

I hope all the bling has brightened up your Monday!

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  1. Lovely post, love sapphires and pearls :)) I hope you have a great Monday doll x

  2. Wonderful post. I adore beautiful jewellery, though have never really had the need to have loads of it. I have a couple of pieces, gifts from my husband, so they definitely have a special meaning to me. x

  3. Hi Shanon, very fun and uplifting(:
    When I saw the hand full of diamond rings, my comment was those are great, and my son said: "mami yours is pretier" (((:
    Very sweet reaction...

    Fun to visit your blog as always! hugs Z

  4. Love all these images, I feel so inspired by the different styles and feelings!

    Krissie x -