Spring's Prettiest Blue and Passover Cookbook Review

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frigid temps and snowflakes aside, I'm choosing to acknowledge that Spring is actually here by the subtle scent in-air, the brighter (sometimes) sunshine, and nature's background music: the sweet chirps of melodic birds. And speaking of birds, one of my favorite colors for Spring is robins egg blue. There's something magical about the way this particular shade somehow makes us just a little bit happier. 

Robins egg blue is like a perfectly melded hue that's seems infused with nature, water, and air...everything that's fresh and life sustaining.

To invite Spring, add a touch to your home...
...your wardrobe...
...and your beauty routine.


Are you feeling Spring yet? Well if you're still not feeling it, let me remind you that Pesach (or Chag Ha'Aviv, the holiday of Spring) is just 3 weeks away! 

But don't panic. 

Just in time, you can simply order this amazing 4 Bloggers Dish Passover e-cookbook from Amazon for just $3.99 and you'll have some of the most incredibly delicious and unique Passover recipes right on your iPad, kindle or laptop.  No need to lug out those heavy, soiled cookbooks. Try something new, fresh and easy.

You'll love the wide variety of recipes that include appetizers like Pan Seared Tuna with Lime and Ginger by Liz Rueven, sides like Honey Glazed Sweet Potato and Pecan Stuffed Onion by Sarah M. Lasry, salads like Asparagus and Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette by Whitney Fisch, and gourmet twists on traditional dishes like Caprese Matzo Brei by Amy Kritzer.

There are so many recipes to try you will never consider Pesach cooking boring again.

Go ahead, click the book to order!
Do you have any favorite Passover recipes? Email me with them at ask.fashionisha@gmail.com and you may be featured on the blog!

Here's to easy and joyful Pesach preparations!



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  1. I love this shade of blue, it's gorgeous. Any shade of blue is marvellous to me though :) Those doors would be wonderful to have in a home. So lovely. The Passover cookbook looks super, I think I will look into that!! Have a gorgeous Monday doll xx p.s. will you be sharing dishes you make for Passover? I would be interested in seeing your celebrations :)

  2. wonderful inspiration, such a fantastic colour!
    happy monday!


  3. Spring's prettiest shade of blue indeed. It's so fresh and vibrant.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. The prettiest colour ever - spring is surely going to bring her sunny face out now!

  5. Love the necklace! I can't wait for Spring. We are getting snow in MA tomorrow. Seriously?!! xo

  6. Ok you know that the blue green or teal or mint green ....oh well the blue you are showing in this lovely post is my utmost favorite colour!! Plenty in our house and my wardrobe (: but never have enough of it.... love the Dior polish, that I don't have!
    hugs Z